Artificial Intelligence Could Be Used To Fight Cyberbullying

Researchers at Ghent University in Belgium have developed an algorithm that can be used to identify and prevent cyberbullying, including instances of threats, insults and harassment.

The algorithm, developed with help from linguists, works by filtering out offensive posts on social media.

So far the tests have proven to be very promising.

When tested on social media posts it hasn’t come across before, the algorithm could detect about two thirds of the posts that contained threats, harassment and insulting content.

The team is working on improving the algorithm further so that it can learn the difference between harmless banter and subtle bullying.

This is great news – trolls make the internet an unpleasant place. We at Life Lab Magazine can’t wait to see how this algorithm works out.

But this is certainly a step in the right direction in the fight against the despicable online behaviour that is cyberbullying.

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