Are You a Prisoner Of Your Past?

Everyday is an opportunity for you to start fresh.

Or it isn’t, in case you are dictated by your past.

You can either let your past experiences define you, or you can let them be defining moments.

Here’s the difference: when you let your past define you, you get stuck. You let those experiences impact everything in your life. Your future and present gets determined by those experiences. You don’t really move forward as you keep replaying what happened and create a negative feedback loop.

But, when you treat your past as defining moments, you learn from them. You decide to pick yourself up and dust yourself off and determine the path you need to take. You put yourself in charge of your destiny.

Realise that what happened in the past does not define who you are or will be.

Everyday is an opportunity for you to start fresh. Every day is an opportunity for you to wipe the slate clean.

Shit happens. You can either wallow in them, or you can learn from them and move on.

So pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and stop living in the past.

Get on with it.

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