A Simple Way To Deal With Your Body Image Issues

Recently I was reading an interview of pop star Dua Lipa, the IDGAF singer. One thing she said really caught my eye and made a lot of sense, It was about something she does daily, a daily question exercise she has. One she swears by to help with her body image issues.

Here is the question: What are two things I like about me?

She asks herself that question every day, and it is a big part of her total confidence, and lack of body image issues.

It is a great idea. One really worth trying out, and here’s why – we all know about the power of self-talk, both positive and negative. This is an example of using positive self-talk.

When you ask yourself that question, you’ll come up with answers that will help you to find things that make you limit your negative self-talk.

This is evidence for your brain that there are good things about your body, things to be proud of and celebrate, things you should be grateful for. These answers help you realise that your issues with your body – the image you have in your mind about your body – is not an absolute image of yourself.

When you practice asking this question every day, you will give yourself positive references about your body.

Eventually, this will help you deal with negative self-talk about your body image.

Bonus Personal Growth Tip: You can add to this exercise, and also ask yourself two things you like about yourself. This will give you a further confidence boost, which also helps deal with negative body image issues.

Try out this exercise. Tell yourself every day two things you like about your body. It can be more than two by the way, but try for at least two when you are starting off.

Give it a shot for a month and then see how it impacts you.

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