Dealing With the January Blues – 8 Tips to Beat the January Blues, and Start the Year Strong

The beginning of the year starts off with a bang for most of us – what with the Christmas and New Year celebrations there’s a lot of festivities going around. 

Often makes the calm period that starts around now a bit harder. Makes sticking to those resolutions and goals and plans a bit more challenging. 

It’s understandable – we have all been there. 

But there is hope. There are ways to make things easy for you, tips and ideas that can help you deal with the January blues so that you can continue on your path and start the year strong. 

Here are, in fact, seven tips to help you fight the January blues.

1. Be flexible

Life is full of situations that are beyond our control. Most of life, in fact, is beyond our control. 

The best way to deal with that reality is to be flexible. 

Things might not go according to plan. You might fall off the wagon. Goals might not be progressing as you had hoped. There can be many reasons and situations like that that can give you the blues.

However, the only way to move forward is to stay flexible – when things don’t go according to plan, you course correct and then continue on

Onwards and upwards.

2. Listen

One of the key reasons behind the blues at this time of the year are tensions in the relationships we have. 

There is a great way to deal with that – listen. 

When you listen, really listen, you gain key insights into what the other person’s needs and wants are. That helps you to move forward with them and strengthens your bonds. 

Listening also helps you professionally by making you more aware of what is important.

Try listening more this year – it is a small thing, but can revolutionise your life, and career.

3.  Think things through

This year, make a vow to think things through before you act on them. Too often the challenges we face in life are a result of our rash actions. Of doing things or saying things without really thinking them through. 

So why not do things differently this year? Why not take a moment before you act on something?

4. Assess your values

The things that make us happy in life are directly connected to our values. 

Here’s the thing – most of us don’t really know, or assess, what our values are. 

There are some common ones, like honesty and integrity, which are more or less universal. But each and every one of us have values that are unique to us. 

Figure out what your values are – this knowledge can give you powerful insights into what truly is important to you. That can then help you steer your life in the right direction, and keep you strong. 

5. Be mindful

The world today is full of distractions. The average attention span is now just eight seconds!

In this hyper-connected world, distractions are everywhere. There is too much to see and do. 

So it is easy to get distracted. 

But when you don’t focus on the things that are important, it impairs your performance and the quality of whatever it is you are trying to do. 

More than that, not being present and mindful also makes it harder to truly experience your life. 

Commit to doing things differently this year. Try and be more present and mindful in everything you do. Truly experience whatever you are doing – that has the potential to shoot your results through the roof.

As an added bonus, being mindful makes you happier.

6. Be resilient

Resilience is a vital human trait – resilience helps us carry on when we face challenges and setbacks. Resilience helps us make progress, and it is resilience that helps us achieve the impossible

So if you are having a tough time, remember that it’s not the end and that you have the strength to carry on. You have done it before, and you can do it again.

Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and push through whatever it is that’s getting you stuck.

Do not give up.

7. Be grateful

We are more fortunate than we can ever truly understand. Just the fact that you are breathing at this very moment makes you way more fortunate that hundreds of thousands of people around the world who are not around anymore. 

Especially during the down and tough times, it can be difficult to see things clearly, but reminding yourself about how incredibly fortunate you are can be a great way to get clarity. 

Gratitude can help you see through the fog of the January blues, and see things clearly. 

Give it a shot. Try practicing gratitude every day for at least a week and see how it impacts you.

8. Take action

All said and done. none of the tips and hacks above will make an iota of difference unless you actually act on them. So make a decision to actually do something about them.

Start with just one of these – choose the tip that best resonates with you, and then act on it. 

Taking action is the only way you will deal with the January blues, and move forward.

Last Words

Try these tips out. Things will not change overnight, but a little does go a long way.

With regular practice, you will be up and running and on your path to having a strong 2019.

All the best with that.

Which of these tips did you find most useful?

Do you have any suggestions for dealing with the January blues?

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