7 Things I Learnt From Donald Trump’s Re-Election Campaign Launch

Donald Trump is running for President again.

Some people love that idea – others not so much.

But love him or hate him, there are things you can learn from him. He went on to become the most powerful person in the world against overwhelming odds, so he clearly knows a thing or two…

In fact, here are 7 things I learned (and observed) from his 2020 re-election campaign launch rally in Florida.

1. Simple messages are effective

7 Things I Learnt From Donald Trump's Re-Election Campaign
Simple = Effective

This is one thing Trump is a master at. As a matter of fact, the most successful politicians (and leaders) always are the ones with simple messages. 

This works because simple messages are easy to remember, whereas complicated messages cause confusion, and are easy to forget. 

So if you want people to remember your message, make it simple.

Like Trump has done with his new slogan: Keep America Great.

Or the slogan his protestors had: Dump Trump!

2. Criticisms are best-dealt head on

7 Things You Can Learn From Donald Trump's Re-Election Campaign - #2 Criticism
Running away from criticisms doesn’t make them go away

Dealing with your criticisms head-on is the most effective way to deal with them, and this is something Trump usually does quite effectively.

He does not shy away from criticisms, he deals with them head-on. 

This is what he did when he brought up the allegations about his team colluding with the Russians, and said they were just “fake news”. Whether they really are “fake news” or not is a different story altogether, but what he did do was put a lot of his followers’ (those with the nagging/budding suspicions) at peace. 

He put their minds to rest.

Running away from criticisms only gives them more power, whereas dealing with them head-on takes away a lot of their potency (if not completely incapacitate them).

3. Respond to concerns preemptively

7 Things You Can Learn From Donald Trump's Re-Election Campaign
Don’t ignore rumours

Preemptively dealing with problems is a great way to do away with them. The rule for these is a lot like that for dealing with criticisms (see above).

Trump’s supporters came up with the chant “CNN sucks” based on how he dealt with potential criticisms from CNN  (and other opposing) journalists covering the rally. He dealt with concerns and criticisms these journalists might raise, even before those came up.

This way, when/if the concerns did/do come up, they have already been dealt with. 

He dealt with the concerns even before they arose… very smart.

4. Get feedback from your audience

7 Things You Can Learn From Donald Trump's Re-Election Campaign
Don’t just assume, ask

The last time Trump ran for President, his main campaign slogan was “make America great”. For his second term, he is going with “keep America great”.

But he didn’t just arbitrarily come up with the slogan – he asked his supporters what they thought about it.

He asked for (and got) feedback.

This is a great strategy to find out what works because what you think your audience will like (and what will resonate with them), and what they actually will like isn’t always one and the same.

So the best way to find out is to ask.

5. Most people don’t spend much time fact checking

7 Things You Can Learn From Donald Trump's Re-Election Campaign
Emotions impact more than facts

Barnie Sanders, one of Trump’s main potential opponents, said that Trump’s speech was “an hour-and-a-half of lies, distortions and absolute nonsense”.

Here’s the thing: that will make very little (if any) difference to Trump’s supporters.

Or most people for that matter.

Because very few of them (if any) will do any research to see how much of what Trump said was actually factual.

People are swayed by emotions, not facts – something Trump understands pretty well. In fact, it is something that all effective politicians, and leaders, understand. 

6. The colours you use make a difference

7 Things You Can Learn From Donald Trump's Re-Election Campaign
Colours matter

Trump is great at visual branding – like what he wore during his campaign rally: a red tie, a blue suit, and a white shirt.

Red, blue, and white… the colours of the American flag.

The colours we use convey way more than we think they do, so be mindful of how you use colours.

7. Branding matters, a lot

7 Things You Can Learn From Donald Trump's Re-Election Campaign
Branding makes a big difference

Trump is a master at branding: from his hairstyle to his messaging, to his use of colours and more – the guy knows how to use his brand.

And it makes a big difference.

His re-election campaign raised £19 million in less than 24 hours – that’s not just incredible because of the amount raised, but also when you take into account the fact that it is way more than what his opponents, the Democrats, have been able to raise in over three months.

His campaign raised in one day what his opponents did not manage to raise in three months! 

A big part of that is down to branding and having clarity about who you are and what you stand for.

Branding matters.

Learn from everyone

There are opportunities to learn everywhere, even from the people you don’t agree with.

What’s your take on Trump’s re-election bid?

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2 thoughts on “7 Things I Learnt From Donald Trump’s Re-Election Campaign Launch

  1. Very interesting article – not a fan of Trump, but those are some interesting points. Thanks for sharing

    1. We know what you mean, but that’s the thing – we can even learn from people we do not agree with. One of the keys to personal growth is having an open mind…

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