6 ways to create a positive attitude

Developing a positive attitude is a great thing. Positivity in life helps us deal with our day to day affairs, instills an optimistic outlook on life and helps us avoid negative thoughts. Having a positive attitude can open doors to happiness and success.

But life has its ups and downs, and things often don’t go as planned. So how do we stay positive in life when faced with the challenges and setbacks? Below are six ways to help you create a positive attitude.

1. Choose to be enthusiastic – Be excited about what life can bring us. Be passionate about what you are doing, act passionately. Your thoughts and actions should reflect your level of enthusiasm. Being enthusiastic is a great way to develop a positive attitude.

2. Think like Tigger – Are you familiar with the Winnie the Pooh character Tigger? He’s the exuberant, playful, outgoing character who likes to bounce a lot. Emulate his mindset, put a bounce in your step. Here are some east ways to do that – have a warm and hearty handshake, it’s an indication that you celebrate life and are happy being with the other person. Radiate a warm smile. If you are feeling a bit down, force yourself to act with enthusiasm, and eventually, you will feel enthusiastic too. Basically, if you are struggling, fake it till you make it.

3. Bring good news – Good news brings goodwill and spreads enthusiasm. If all you can spread is bad news, then you won’t make a friend nor accomplish something meaningful. Try to make sure that the person you talk to feels better than they otherwise would.

4. Visualize – Create a mental picture of success, or any of your desired outcomes. Close your eyes and make it as detailed as possible. Seeing an image of success in your mind will make manifesting it faster.

5. Talk to yourself – What did you tell yourself today? Talking to yourself is actually good (and normal), as long as you have the right conversations. Talk to yourself positively, be kind to yourself. What we say to ourselves greatly affects our self-esteem, and overall sense of worth. Negative self-talk should be avoided at all cost.

6. Love others – Spread love and optimism to everyone that you meet. Make people feel encouraged and comfortable when they are around you. Be sensitive and be concerned with other people’s desires and wishes. Be an understanding, caring, forgiving and accepting person.

A positive frame of mind can make a big difference, and bring about change to your entire life. Take a look at the bright side of life. Having a strong positive attitude radiates like a light. Make this brightness shine from you and spread to your environment. This will not just improve the quality of your life, but that of those around you too. Be a beacon of positivity!

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