5 Things To Know About Venus

How much do you know about Venus? 

There are lots of tidbits flying around about Mars, and even though Venus is one of the more frequently mentioned planets in popular culture, few really know about it. 

So we at Life Lab Magazine wanted to help you improve your knowledge about this popular plant.

Here are 5 things you should know about Venus: 

  1. Venus is named after the Roman goddess of beauty and love.
  2. After the Sun, it is the hottest place in our Solar system. Its surface temperature is 400C. In case you needed a comparison, think about the hottest day you’ve experienced in the UK, and then multiply it by around 200. Yep, about 200 times hotter than the hottest day!
  3. It rains sulphuric acid on Venus. So that rules out using an umbrella.
  4. Venus is covered in volcanoes. Guess that explains why it is so hot…!
  5. It once had a moderate climate, which means that at one point it was habitable

Suffice it to say that your sunscreen and umbrellas won’t help much in Venus. 

But, one the plus side, this should help you wow your friends next time Venus comes up 😉

What do you know about Venus? Have any interesting facts to share?



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