5 TED Talks to Check Out This Week to Upgrade Your Life – 24th Dec

5 TED Talks to listen to this week to Upgrade Your Life

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Here is this week’s installment of the 5 TED talks we shortlisted for you to check out.

It’s a small thing you can easily do every day (watch just one of them/day), which will add up.

Let the power of incremental progress help you upgrade your life, effortlessly!

The brain changing benefits of exercise
Bill & Melinda Gates on giving away their wealth
How to build your creative confidence
Can we build an AI without losing control over it?
The freakonomics of Macdonald’s vs drugs

Bookmark this page, so that you can come back to it throughout the week and watch just one video a day.

What did you think of these ideas?

Did you find them useful?

Did you learn anything?

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.


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