5 New Year’s Resolutions Tips To Finally Follow Through and Achieve Your Resolution This Year

New year’s resolutions – they’re a common part of the start of every year. And here’s another thing that’s really common about them – more often than not they are not followed through. People start the year with the best intentions, but for various reasons, they just don’t keep to the new year’s resolution that they made at the start of the year. This often leads to people giving up on creating new year’s resolutions, because at least that way they won’t have to deal with the disappointment.
But there’s no reason why you should not make a new year’s resolution – in fact, it’s a great thing to have goals, and a big goal for the year like the new year’s resolution can be a great way to improve your life. As for the failure rate, there’s no reason why this year’s resolution has to be like all those other years resolutions that you didn’t keep to. This year can be different, and to help, we have a few tips to keep you on the right track.
Read on to learn about 5 tips for keeping your new year’s resolutions.

New Year’s Resolutions Tips

  1. Understand the benefits of achieving your resolution: A lot of times people don’t follow through with their new year’s resolution is because the benefits of the goal just was not clear enough. If it’s not beneficial, giving up will be easy, especially if/when there is any stumbling block. So before you make a resolution this year, give it some thought. Give it a lot of thought, in fact. What do you want your resolution to be, and why is it important to you? How will it impact your life, and those of the people around you? Get very clear on how exactly your life will improve as a result of achieving your resolution. This way, you can remind yourself regularly of the benefits, which will help you stick to the resolution.
  2. Don’t make it complicated: Often people create elaborate new year’s resolutions. They might sound great on paper, but making your resolutions really elaborate or complicated only makes it harder to follow through. Let’s face it, our motivation levels are often low, so when a goal is complicated, it can be really hard to stick with, especially when there’s a hitch. So make it easy for yourself – keep it simple. Your new year’s resolution, ideally, should not be more than a few words long, and it should be so simple that even a five year old will understand what it is.
  3. Make it specific: Do you know what happens when you create goals that are vague, or too generic? Here’s what happens – they become too subjective too fast, and it becomes easy to lose track of exactly what it is that you need to do to achieve the goal you have set yourself. This is why vague resolutions like “lose weight” are not very effective, as there is no specific parameters, and the finish line can be anywhere (and nowhere) – even 0.01 kg lost, according to the limits of that goal, means the goal of losing weight has been achieved! So it is better to be clear, right from the outset, on what exactly it is you want to achieve by the end of the year. If you are going to set yourself one main goal/resolution, you might as will give yourself the best chance of success by being clear on what exactly your destination is. Whatever you do, do not make a vague, and/or confusing new year’s resolution.
  4. Create a plan: You’ve created a compelling goal whose benefits you understand, it is clear and straightforward, and it is specific. You are off to a strong start. Now comes the part where you create a plan for achieving your resolution. Because at the end of the day, nothing is going to change if you do not know how exactly you are going to achieve your resolution, no matter how good, clear and compelling it is. So have a think about how exactly you are going to achieve your new year’s resolution, and then create a concrete plan. The more clear you are on the steps you need to take to make your new year’s resolution a reality, the higher the chances of it actually coming true.
  5. Create a support group: This fifth step is about creating a support system for yourself, to help you stay on track, and follow through. It can be hard sometimes, to follow through and stick to your plan. Life can get in the way, and a lot of other things can happen. So when you have a support system, it can help you to stay on track as you won’t be in it alone. Your support system can be as simple as just your best friend or spouse supporting you and keeping you on track, or it can involve social media sharing with others on the same path, to help keep each other on track. But whatever you do, try not to go it alone, as having someone with you can significantly increase the potential of you following through and achieving your new year’s resolution.

Last words

What are your thoughts on these new year’s resolution tips? Have you made a new year’s resolution yet?
Share your resolution, along with any thoughts, ideas and tips you might have, in the comments section below.
Happy new year!

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