5 Interesting Things To Know About The UK Bank Holidays

Everyone in the UK is celebrating a bank holiday today. It has been a great bank holiday weekend, today adding to the three day weekend, which meant a lot of people in the UK have taken mini-breaks.

How much do you actually know about the UK bank holidays? Well, here are some interesting facts for you to know about the days’ everyone in the UK looks forward to!


UK Bank Holiday Facts
Holidays are great times to switch off

Five UK Bank Holiday Facts

Here are five interesting things to know about UK bank holidays:

  1. National day off – Bank holidays are official public holidays in the UK. Most of them are set out in the law, while others are part of convention and custom (like Good Friday and Christmas).
  2. Eight to ten days – The number of bank holidays people in the UK get depends on where they are (and where they work). England and Wales have eight bank holidays, Scotland has nine, and Northern Ireland has ten.
  3. Special bank holidays – Sometimes there are additional bank holidays, to celebrate events like Royal weddings and jubilees. Perks of being a monarchy!
  4. Original four – Bank holidays were first officially recognised by law in the UK in 1871. Four days were set out as official bank holidays. Want to know what the original four were? Here they are: 1st of May (May Day), 1st of November (All Saints’ Day), Good Friday and Christmas Day.
  5. New Year’s Day came late – We all celebrate New Year’s Day as a bank holiday now, but did you know that it was not recognised as a bank holiday for quite a while? In fact, it did not become a bank holiday in England until the 1st of January 1974, more than a hundred years after the first bank holidays were officially set out. Guess people just weren’t into New Year’s celebrations until the late 1900s!

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It’s good to have time off

Holidays, including weekends, are a great time to switch off and relax. No wonder we all look forward to them so much!

What are your thoughts on UK bank holidays? Which ones are your favorites, and why?

Do you have any interesting UK bank holiday facts to share?

Share your thoughts and facts with us in the comments below.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, here is an up-to-date list of all the UK Bank holidays.

Whether you are basking in the heat (and the sun!) in a park, on a beach somewhere, or having a nice relaxing day at home, hope you are having a great bank holiday weekend 🙂

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