5 Interesting Facts About Cannabis

Cannabis is no longer the illicit drug it used to be – with the legalisation of Cannabis around the world, including the UK and USA, use of it is becoming more and more mainstream. That said, there is still a lot we do not know about this substance. I personally am very intrigued about the impact of cannabinoids on our mental health, as well as our mental and physical performance, so when I came across a documentary on the facts about Cannabis, it was a must-watch. Airing on BBC 2 on the 28th of Aug 2019, it was an insightful program.

Read on to find out about the five interesting facts I learned about Cannabis.

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Cannabis Facts

Cannabis Fact # 1 – Two major components

Cannabis is mainly comprised of two chemical components – THC and CBD.

THC is what causes people to experience a “high”, whereas CBD does not have any psychoactive effect. As the research in that documentary demonstrated, dosages high on CBD and low in THC usually results in a “mellow” mood, whereas the opposite can lead to paranoia.

Cannabis Fact # 2 – Good for chronic pain

There is research to support the beneficial impact of cannabis on chronic pain.

As for its impact on other health conditions (like epilepsy), most of the evidence is anecdotal at this point in time.

Cannabis Fact # 3 – Our bodies already create this 

Our bodies naturally generate cannabinoids, which partly explains why they have the beneficial impacts they do.

That said, scientists don’t yet fully understand how cannabinoids work. There is still much to know about this substance.

Cannabis Fact # 4 – Skunk isn’t good

The most commonly used version of recreational cannabis is called Skunk (mainly because of its strong smell).

It has a high content of THC which is what causes a lot of cannabis users to experience psychotic episodes (including paranoia and panic attacks).

Used daily, Skunk can seriously increase the risk of psychotic problems, so that is something to be remembered, especially if you are considering using cannabis.

Cannabis Fact # 5 – Amsterdam is not “the” place for it

Those of us in Europe think Amsterdam is the place for Cannabis. But turns out the country that has done the most work on this substance is not in Europe at all, but is in a completely different continent.

That country is Israel.

In Israel, they have been using cannabis for many years, and regularly prescribe it. Doctors over there are fairly well versed in its use and have a fair amount of knowledge about the proper application, right dosages, etc. Especially with elderly patients and people with chronic pain, it’s one of their most commonly used treatment options.

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Closing thoughts

Cannabis is becoming more and more mainstream, especially because of the researches that are finding out about the positive impact it has on some medical conditions. I know very little about cannabis, so this was enlightening.

For years we believed cannabis to be bad. But now it’s turning out that that’s not the entire truth. So it is important to examine, and even question, our beliefs from time to time. Because what we believe to be true and what actually is true aren’t always one and the same.

What are your thoughts on cannabis, it’s effects and impact, and the future of cannabis? Do you have any interesting facts about cannabis to share?

Share your thoughts and comments below.

By the way, this article is intended purely as information, so do not treat it as advice. Cannabis, especially when used without understanding its impact or the dosage, can have negative effect on your health. Do your own research before you even consider using it. Better, discuss it with a health professional. Precaution is better than cure, and it is better to be cautious when it comes to something as important as your health.


A version of this article was first originally published here: 5 Things I Learned About Cannabis.

The program referred to in this article: Cannabis – Miracle medicine or dangerous drug?

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