5 Interesting & Delicious Whipped Coffee Recipes to Try At Home

Learn all about making whipped coffee with this guide on whipped coffee recipes. Not only will you learn the basic version, there are also 5 more interesting twists to take your whipped coffee to a whole new level! Keep reading to learn more about whipped coffee recipes. 

Whipped coffee has been all the rage of late. We even did a small guide on it a few weeks ago, which you can check out here. But it was time for a more extensive list of recipes, mainly because we wanted to try some other versions of the classic whipped recipe 😉

If you are a fan of whipped coffee, you will love today’s guide – there are recipes to cater for different dietary needs, as well as 5 interesting twists on the classic whipped coffee recipe. We have some great stuff in store for you today.

Let’s begin!


How to make whipped coffee

When you hear the words “whipped coffee”, you generally think of Dalgona coffee – the one that became a viral Tactic sensation not that long ago. It is still pretty trendy and popular, and here is how you can make the classic Dalgona whipped coffee recipe at home.

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By the way, this version uses a hand mixer which makes the task of creating the whipped cream pretty easy. But if you don’t have a mixer, you can always use an egg beater, or even a fork (just takes more work that way, a lot more work, a whole lot more…).


The science behind whipped coffee

Want to learn the science behind the whipped Dalgona coffee?

Then check out this video

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Whipped coffee recipes for different dietary needs

Can’t have the classic whipped coffee recipe because of dietary needs? We’ve got you covered. Here are 3 variations of the classic whipped coffee recipe to cater for different dietary needs. 

No dairy whipped coffee version

No sugar whipped coffee version (Keto friendly Dalgona coffee)

Vegan whipped coffee version


How to make whipped coffee without instant coffee

Don’t have instant coffee? No problem. Try this method of making whipped coffee that is made without instant coffee.

Whipped coffee without instant coffee

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5 interesting whipped coffee recipes to try

Now that you have the basics down, let’s get down to the fun part and try out some other variations of the whipped coffee recipe. Here are five for you to try.

Whipped mocha (Dalgona Mocha)

Chocolate whipped coffee (Dalgona Chocolate)

Greek Frappe

Whipped coffee might be all the rage right now thanks to the Dalgona phenomena, but it is by no means a new idea. In fact, a version of whipped coffee has existed in Greece for a long time! Here’s how to make your own (and a taste test comparison between Dalgona whipped coffee and Greek frappe).

Try them out for yourself and let us know which one you like more!

Mint mojito

Here is an interesting twist on the classic whipped coffee recipe, with mint! If you are a fan of mint or mojito, you are going to love this! 

Matcha whipped cream coffee (Dalgona matcha)


Bonus whipped coffee recipe

Want something to go with your whipped coffee? Then check out this whipped coffee recipe that comes as a cake!

Whipped coffee cake


Closing thoughts

Whipped coffee has become a phenomena all around the world (thanks to the Dalgona craze), and now you have learned not just how to make whipped coffee, but in fact 5+ ways of doing it with all the different whipped coffee recipes featured above.

On that note, which whipped coffee recipe do you like the most, and want to try first? Have you tried any of them yet? Let us know in the comments section below (and share any tips as well if you have any from your own experiments!).

If you are a coffee lover, you will also love these 10 cold coffee recipes, and these easy microwave cake recipes are the perfect accompaniment to any coffee session!

Whether you are new to whipped coffee and have been thinking about trying it, or you have already tried the classic version and want to try something different, the whipped coffee recipes featured in today’s guide will be everything you need to get you doing with satisfying your whipped coffee cravings 🙂

Have fun!

One tiny request 

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