5 Facts About Tofu – What You Should Know About This Plant-Based Protein

Tofu has become so popular that you can’t really visit a supermarket or grocery store that doesn’t stock some version of it. Nearly every restaurant has some dish that’s made with tofu. In fact, there are even restaurants that specialise in tofu! It’s rare to come across someone these days who hasn’t tried tofu at least once.

It’s claim to fame and popularity, of course, is the fact that it is a great source of plant-based protein.

But how much do you really know about Tofu?

If not a lot, don’t worry, because you’re not the only one. And that’s where today’s article comes in.

Read on to learn more about Tofu.

5 Useful and Interesting Facts About Tofu
Keep reading to learn more about Tofu

5 Useful and Interesting Facts About Tofu

1. What is Tofu

Most people think of Tofu as simply a plant-based protein, but what exactly is it? Tofu is basically cheese made out of soy. So instead of milk, Tofu uses soy milk.

The process of making it is also very similar to that of making cheese – the soy milk is treated to create curds, which are strained then out and eventually made into Tofu.

2. Origin of Tofu

Tofu has been around for quite a while – earliest records of it go back to 950 AD! Records of the earliest form, called Doufu, were found in China. But that does not mean that’s when it was created for the first time. Like most food items that have been around for a while, the first records of Tofu predate any written history, so it is extremely likely that it’s been around even before 950 AD.

As for how it came about, there are no definitive answers, but there are two main theories about its discovery.

One theory suggests that Tofu was invented as a result of a lucky accident, when sea water got mixed with soy milk, and the minerals in sea water coagulated the soy milk to create curds.

The other popular theory is that Tofu came to be as a result of what the original creators learned from nomads making cheese from milk which then inspired them to try doing the same with soy milk.

Either way, it is great that Tofu was invented, be it as a result of a lucky accident, or as a result of some inspired experimenting.

3. How is Tofu made

Even though there are different types of Tofu (like the Japanese-style silken tofu and Chinese-style cotton tofu), the basic process for making them is usually the same.

This is generally how it works – soy milk is treated so that curds form, which are then separated, water is drained from the curd, and that curd is ultimately processed into Tofu.

4. How much protein is in Tofu

Tofu is widely known as one of the best plant-based forms of protein. But how much protein does Tofu actually have? According to available data, 100g of Tofu contains 8g of protein, and only 76 calories. You can learn more about Tofu’s nutrition facts below.

5. Difference between Tofu and other meat alternatives

Even though Tofu has been gaining popularity over the past few years as a meat alternative, it was originally not designed to be a meat-alternative.

Because it is made out of strained soy milk, it doesn’t have much fiber, and ends up having a really smooth texture. This makes the process of using Tofu to create meat-substitute food items, like hotdogs, ground-beef, etc a bit more challenging. But that has not stopped creative cooks experimenting with it – something a quick search on Google or Youtube will quickly establish.

Tofu facts

Tofu Nutritional contents

If you’d like to learn more about Tofu’s nutritional contents, check this out:

Tofu Nutritional contents

Closing thoughts

What are your thoughts on these facts about Tofu? Which one’s were new for you? Do you have any Tofu facts of your own to share?

Post your thoughts and suggestions about Tofu in the comments section below.

And as a Friday night treat, why not have a go at making something with Tofu? We would love to hear about your handiwork.

Whether you do or not, we hope you found this article on facts about Tofu of some interest. If you did, please don’t forget to share.

Happy Friday!


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