How to Have a Stress-free First Flight – 5 Essential Airport Tips for First-time Flyers

As much fun as travel is, dealing with the airport – namely the check-in and the security – isn’t quite as much fun. 

But there are things you can do to make your life just a bit easier. 

Check out these five essential airport tips for first-time flyers to make your first-time at the airport less of a nerve-wracking experience.

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Airport Tips for First-time Flyers
Travel does not have to be stressful

Airport Tip # 1 – Double check that you have your passport and flight details handy

This tip might seem obvious, but you won’t believe the number of people who miss their flights or get delayed because they forgot their passport, or it was not easily accessible! 

So even though it seems obvious, do yourself a favour and double-check to make sure that you have your passport (and flight details) on you, and that they are readily accessible (maybe store it in your jacket pocket, or just carry it in your hand).

This practice can save you a lot of stress.

Airport Tip # 2 – Make sure you know about your layover and destination airports

Doing a bit of research on your layover and destination airports can be a great way to make your first flight just that much easier on yourself. This way you won’t have to rush around when you are at those airports or have to worry about finding the toilet, the coffee place or the wifi hotspots. 

It can be as simple as googling the airport and reading up on it. Look for the airport’s layout to get specific ideas for where the amenities etc are. 

Airport Tip # 3 – Pack things you will need to get out easily accessible

If there are things you need to access in your hand luggage, pack them on top, or in places where you can easily get to them (maybe in the front compartment, if your bag has one). So things like the liquids, your laptop and power banks (and batteries) fall into this category, as often you will need to take them out at the security gates.

The easier it is for you to get them out, the easier your trip will be.

What you do not want to do is find yourself stuck at the security gate trying to figure out why your bag is being flagged when there are clear instructions about taking out your laptop and liquids. Or be in a position where you have to unpack your whole bag in order to get those things out.

Airport Tip # 4 – If your luggage goes over the weight limit, put more clothes on

One of the easiest ways to deal with overweight luggage is to wear some of those clothes, especially the heavier ones.

That said, a better option is to weigh your luggage before you leave and try to make sure that you are a bit under the weight limit as that can save you the hassle altogether. Trust me, trying to figure out what to throw from your luggage, or paying a hefty charge because your luggage has gone over the weight limit, is not a very relaxing way to start your journey. 

So do yourself a favour and make sure your luggage is not over the limit. Better even, try and be a bit under the weight limit, just in case.

Airport Tip # 5 – Take an empty water bottle

Bottled water is often one of the most expensive things at an airport, and it is a cost you can easily avoid by taking an empty water bottle with you and just filling it up once you are past the security gate checkpoint.

Nearly every airport has water fountains where you can fill up your bottle. If confused, refer to your app or research (see tip # 2), or ask the airport staff.

Closing thoughts

Which one of these five airport tips for first-time flyers is your favourite? Do you have any airport tips and tricks of your own to share?

Share your suggestions and thoughts in the comments section below.

And if you are going on a trip soon, bon voyage!

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