5 Great Journaling Apps for iPhone

Last week we gave you a list of the top journaling apps for Android, and promised a shortlist for iPhone users. So to keep that promise, we went through the app store for Apple to review and shortlist the best journaling apps for iPhone users.

Here’s the thing though – there isn’t as much choice for apps when it comes to the iPhone (yet another advantage Android has over iPhones), so the list here is not as big as the one for android apps. But that said, we did come across some pretty decent apps, so iPhone users do have some good options when it comes to journaling on the phone. 

But why tell you that when we can do one better and show you, right? So check out our shortlist of the best journaling apps for iPhone (the list is up to date as on May 2020). 

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Journaling apps can help you improve your wellbeing
Journaling apps can help you improve your wellbeing

Top Apple iPhone Journaling Apps

Here are the 5 best journaling apps for iPhone (in no particular order of preference):

iPhone Journaling app – Reflectly 

The first iPhone journaling app on our list is Reflectly, an app that features AI. Yeah, pretty cool. If you like the latest tech (or want to see AI in action) this will be totally up your alley.

But novelty and coolness factor aside, this journaling app does a pretty good job of doing what it is supposed to do, i.e. help you journal.

The AI feature comes into the picture by suggesting intelligent questions to help you journal your thoughts and feelings on a regular basis. 

iPhone journaling app - Reflectly
AI powered journaling app

iPhone Journaling app – Daylio 

If the idea of writing when journaling does not appeal to you, or if you want to ease into journaling, then Daylio can be a great option for you. 

This journaling app is quite unique in that you don’t really need to write anything. It keeps a log of your activities using icons that you click on. It also has a mood logger, so you can see how you were feeling at a certain point in the day. Over time this information can be very useful for noticing patterns in your day, activities, mood, etc and figuring out ways to improve your day

Great for first-time journal app users. 

Keep track of your day without writing a word!

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iPhone Journaling app – Jour 

Third on our list (but by no means third in preference) is Jour, a widely acclaimed journaling app for iPhone users. 

The app has a library of interactive guides which will be very useful for anyone getting started with journaling (or even for intermediate journalers). 

The interface is attractive, and there are features to help you not only journal your thoughts, but also to keep a gratitude log and keep a record of your mood and feelings. 

Definitely worth checking out. 

iPhone Journaling app - Jour 
Jour is a highly acclaimed journaling app

iPhone Journaling app – Day One Journal 

The fourth journaling app on our list is another acclaimed app, Day One Journal.

This app has a beautiful interface, and the option to record your day with images – so if you are just getting started or don’t feel like writing much, this will be a great option for you. You can also use the voice memo option to record your day (and your thoughts) by speaking. 

It has over 10 million downloads, so clearly it is doing something right. At the very least, that is a good way to say that it is a journaling app worth checking out. 

So… check it out!

iPhone Journaling app - Day One Journal 
Use voice or images to journal with this app

iPhone Journaling app – Prompted Journal 

Last on our list of journaling apps for iPhone users is yet another great option, Prompted Journal. 

It has a minimalist interface with a focus on helping your record your thoughts. And the app has thought-provoking prompts to help you do that. 

One thing we do not like about this app is how it is only free for 2 weeks. So if you don’t want a paid option, this app is not for you. 

That said, if you do not mind paying the $0.99/month subscription, then you get the premium options, like being able to download your journal entries as PDF, and even email them to yourself. 

iPhone Journaling app - Prompted Journal 
This app comes with a free 2-week trial

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Here is a quick shortlist of the iPhone journaling apps:

  1. Reflectly
  2. Daylio
  3. Jour
  4. Day One Journal
  5. Prompted Journal


Closing Thoughts

The shortlist here is based on what we found performed best and will work for a diverse range of people. The same type of thing does not work for everyone, so we tried our best to include a variety of app types here so that you can find something that works for you. That’s the whole point of this list of multiple apps after all. But if you have any recommendations, do let us know in the comments below. 

Tip: Before you get any apps from the iPhone app store, make sure you know about the in-app purchase and the auto-renewal options. So be sure not to inadvertently subscribe to a paid option when you want a free option. The apps above come with both free and in-app purchases (as do nearly all apps on the Apple app store). If you want only the free option, do not opt for any subscriptions, especially the auto-renewing subscription option. If you’ve used the Apple app store for any length of time, this really does not need to be said. But… we believe precaution is better than cure, and we want you to have the best experience, so this needed to be said. Check before you install. 

Journaling has lots of benefits and is a great way to look after yourself. Using apps can make the process quite simple, and fun even (especially for first-time journalers)! So, if you have not tried your hand at journaling yet (or want to make it a regular habit), check out the journaling apps on your phone – be it iPhone, Android, or something else as nearly every app store has some version of journaling apps. 

Let us know how you get on. 

All the best!



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