40 Interesting, Delicious & Easy Pancake Recipes

Check out some really interesting and delicious pancake recipes in today’s guide.

When you think about breakfast, what food usually comes to mind? You know, something fluffy and sweet and yummy?

Yes, pancakes!

Pancakes are one of the most simple breakfast food items known to us, but their simplicity does not get in the way of how good they are. Not at all. They are simple, yet delicious.

A big part of that universal appeal has to do with the variations you can create with them – you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to the toppings you can combine them with.

But it’s not just about the variety of toppings either, pancakes actually come in quite a few different types, especially depending on the part of the world you are in.

New trends and diets also have an impact on pancake recipes (like the vegan and keto versions of pancakes that have become popular of late).

So if you are in the mood for some pancakes but want to expand your horizons a bit and try something new, then check out today’s guide where we have brought for you quite a few interesting and delicious pancake recipes. Not are there recipes from different parts of the world, there are also recipes that are savory, as well as recipes that cater to vegans and those following a Keto diet. There’s something for everyone, and these recipes certainly will light up your breakfast menu, not to mention wow your friends and family!

List of the 40 easy pancake recipes

Here’s a quick rundown of the pancake recipes covered in today’s guide.

  1. Basic, easy pancake recipe
  2. Classic American pancake recipe 
  3. Traditional English pancake recipe
  4. Japanese-style soufflé pancake recipe
  5. Buttermilk pancake recipe
  6. Cornmeal pancake recipe
  7. Rice flour souffle pancake recipe
  8. Coconut flour pancake recipe (Keto pancake)
  9. Chinese-style savory stuffed pancakes
  10. Chinese steamed pancake recipe
  11. German pancake recipe (Dutch baby pancake) 
  12. Russian pancake recipe (Oladushki) 
  13. Nigerian pancake recipe 
  14. Turkish savory pancake recipe (Kaşık Dökmesi)
  15. Malaysian pancake recipe (Apam Balik) 
  16. Japanese pancake recipe (Dorayaki) 
  17. Banana pancake recipe 
  18. Peanut pancake recipe 
  19. Mango pancake recipe 
  20. Carrot pancake recipe
  21. Scallion pancake recipe
  22. Korean vegetable pancake recipe (Yachaejeon)
  23. Korean seafood Pancakes (Haemul-jeon) 
  24. Korean potato pancake recipe (Gamjajeon) 
  25. Mini pancake recipe (pancake cereal) 
  26. Potato cheese pancake recipe
  27. Thai banana pancake recipe (Roti Gulay)
  28. Pumpkin pancake recipe
  29. Cucumber pancake recipe 
  30. Oatmeal pancake recipe
  31. Coffee pancake recipe 
  32. Apple pancake recipe
  33. Blueberry pancake recipe
  34. Almond pancake recipe (Gluten free pancake)
  35. Chocolate chip pancake recipe 
  36. Chocolate pancake recipe 
  37. Nutella stuffed pancake recipe 
  38. Cinnamon roll pancake recipe 
  39. Rainbow pancake recipe
  40. Giant pancake recipe (Instant pot pancake) 

Let’s dive in!

Interesting & Easy Pancake recipes

Basic pancake recipe

Classic American pancake recipe

Traditional English pancake recipe

Japanese-style soufflé pancake recipe

Buttermilk pancake recipe

Cornmeal pancake recipe

Wheat flour isn’t the only base for pancakes, you can use other flours (and flour substitutes) too, as this recipe for Cornmeal pancake will show you. 

Rice flour souffle pancake recipe

Coconut flour pancake recipe (Keto pancake)

Chinese-style savory stuffed pancakes

Chinese steamed pancake recipe

Here’s another Chinese pancake recipe for you to try. This one is actually steamed, which makes this a whole different type of pancake for you to try.

You can try this with a whole host of things, so go-nuts!

German pancake recipe (Dutch baby pancake)

Russian pancake recipe (Oladushki)

Pancake, the Russian way!

On a side note, if you don’t have kefir, yoghurt or buttermilk should work too.

Nigerian pancake recipe

Turkish savory pancake recipe (Kaşık Dökmesi)

Malaysian pancake recipe (Apam Balik)

Japanese pancake recipe (Dorayaki)

Banana pancake recipe

Peanut pancake recipe

Mango pancake recipe

Carrot pancake recipe

Scallion pancake recipe

Korean vegetable pancake recipe (Yachaejeon)

Korean seafood Pancakes (Haemul-jeon)

Korean potato pancake recipe (Gamjajeon)

Mini pancake recipe (Pancake cereal)

Potato cheese pancake recipe

Thai banana pancake recipe (Roti Gulay)

Pumpkin pancake recipe

Cucumber pancake recipe

Oatmeal pancake recipe

Coffee pancake recipe

Apple pancake recipe

Blueberry pancake recipe

Almond pancake recipe (Gluten free pancake)

Chocolate chip pancake recipe

Chocolate pancake recipe

If the chocolate chip pancake recipe didn’t include enough chocolate for you, then this next recipe will definitely hit the spot for you!

Nutella stuffed pancake recipe

Cinnamon roll pancake recipe

Rainbow pancake recipe

Giant pancake recipe (Instant pot pancake)

Additional tips

Here are some additional tips and recipes for pancake lovers with dietary intolerances:

  1. How to Make Pancake Batter Without Eggs, Yeast or Butter
  2. How To Make Eggless Pancakes
  3. How To Make Pancakes Without Baking Powder

Check out even more recipes here.

Closing thoughts

So what do you think of these pancake recipes? Which ones appealed to you the most – which one is the pancake recipe you want to try first?

On that note, which of these interesting and easy pancake recipes have you tried before? Have any tips to share with us?

Post your thoughts and suggestions about these pancake recipes in the comments section below.

Happy Friday!

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