The Best 2021 New Year’s Fireworks Around the World

Find out about the best 2021 new year’s fireworks around the world in this guide (videos of the new year’s fireworks included).

Keep reading to learn more about the top 13 2021 new year’s fireworks around the world.


Pyongyang, North Korea

North Korea was an interesting example of how to enjoy new year’s fireworks while taking precautions. The social distancing part wasn’t quite on display but hey, they were wearing masks! Anyway, their 2021 new year’s fireworks display wasn’t half bad.


Rio, Brazil

The 2021 new year’s fireworks in Rio was nice, but the fact that most people experienced it from a beach did make it a much cooler experience. Experiencing new year’s fireworks on a beach is definitely an experience to look forward to! 


Moscow, Russia

Moscow’s beautiful architecture made for a beautiful backdrop to Russia’s 2021 new year’s fireworks. It’s beautiful, but it’s on mute! Maybe they really wanted to embody the caption of the year…


New York, USA

New York’s new year’s celebrations is usually one of the best. But this year it seemed a bit dull. Guess NY is one of the cities that really is feeling the effects of the pandemic.


Auckland, New Zealand



Singapore put on a great fireworks display to welcome 2021, with a beautiful light show.


Taipei, Taiwan

With fireworks showering from all over the building, and the light show just enhances the effects (especially at the 7:29 mark in the video). They had a huge crowd! 


Tons of fireworks that lit up the sky with the spectacular historic buildings in the backdrop. It was serene, and beautiful. Just goes to show how different landscapes can affect the way we experience things. I don’t know about you, but for me experiencing fireworks in Greece certainly seems worth trying (along with the beach fireworks in Rio)!


Shanghai Disneyland, China

I have just two words for Shanghai Disneyland’s 2021 new year’s fireworks… almost magical! But judge for yourself.


Sydney, Australia

Sydney always has one of the best new year’s fireworks displays, and this year was no different. It was really something. Check it out.


Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok seemed to have pulled out all the stops when they planned their 2021 new year’s fireworks, because it was a sight to behold. Who says you can’t host a great new year during the pandemic! 

In case you want to see what Bangkok looks like now (or at least how it looked on the 1st of Jan), then check this out.


Dubai, UAE

Dubai’s 2021 new year’s fireworks looked like a Christmas tree (you’ll see what I mean)! At times there was so much of it that it almost looked like the building was exploding in a shower of fireworks. Dubai’s 2021 new year’s fireworks was a spectacular fireworks display, one of the best I have ever seen.


London, UK

This was my absolute favourite. With live fireworks, laser show, light shows, drone light shows and the countdown on top of the iconic Shard, London’s 2021 new year’s fireworks was a fireworks extravaganza! Worth watching right till the end (and even then it’s not enough!).

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Quick roundup

Want a quick summary of the best 2021 new year’s fireworks around the world?

Then check out this 2-minute video:


Closing thoughts

The pandemic has taken a toll on the world, and this year’s celebrations was not exactly what we are used to. That said, we are still here and the new year was welcomed in style (as the demonstrations above clearly show). The Coronavirus pandemic may have restricted our movement and daily lives, but it cannot stop us from having fun…

The human spirit remains undiminished!

What did you think of the 2021 new year’s fireworks? How was it where you are, and which one is your favorite?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Hope you had a fun new year’s eve!



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