20 Homemade Condiment Recipes – Learn How to Make Your Own Condiments at Home!

Learn about 20 essential homemade condiment recipes in today’s guide.

Condiments are a basic part of our food these days. Can you even imagine having fries or burger without some sort of condiments like ketchup or mayo? Those are the most basic condiments of course, but there are more, and condiments have lots of uses.

The right condiment can, in fact, make or break a dish (especially when it comes to things like snacks) – like how the wrong BBQ sauce can ruin a BBQ meal. So yes, they are important. And you don’t always have to rely on the shops to get yours (which helps especially during these times of limited access to shops, what with social distancing and quarantines).

You CAN make condiments at home yourself, and fairly easily.

To help guide you with that, we bring you today 20 homemade condiment recipes (along with video tutorials), to help you learn (and make) your very own condiments, at home!

Read on to learn more. 

Homemade condiment recipes

The 20 homemade condiment recipes in the list below (along with their tutorials) were selected based on how commonly they are used. These are by and large the most essential condiments, condiments that are used as much as daily for thousands (if not more) people around the world. It is unlikely that you will need all of them, but you will definitely find recipes for condiments that you yourself use on a regular basis. 

To give you a quick snapshot of what we have in store for you, here are the 20 essential homemade condiment recipes covered in this guide (with video tutorials):

  1. Tomato ketchup 
  2. Mayonnaise 
  3. Ginger sauce 
  4. Sweet Chilli sauce 
  5. Burger sauce (Jamie Oliver’s Secret Burger Sauce Recipe Revealed!) 
  6. Cheese sauce 
  7. Tartar sauce 
  8. BBQ sauce (x 5!)
  9. Chilli oil (Chinese style) 
  10. Mint chutney
  11. Tzatziki sauce
  12. Schezwan sauce
  13. Salsa Verde (Mexican green sauce) 
  14. Romesco sauce
  15. Thai sauce 
  16. Caribbean pepper sauce (hot sauce)
  17. Sweet relish 
  18. Chilli sauce 
  19. Mayo ketchup 
  20. Salsa recipe 

As you can see, we have a whole range of condiments here. Whether you like sweet condiments, or spicy, or even umami or tangy, you will find something that works for you. 

Sound good? Great, let’s begin! 

# 1 – Homemade Tomato Ketchup Recipe 

# 2 – Homemade Mayonnaise Recipe 

# 3 – Homemade Ginger Sauce Recipe 

# 4 – Homemade Sweet Chilli Sauce Recipe

# 5 – Homemade Burger Sauce Recipe (Jamie Oliver’s Secret Burger Sauce Recipe!) 

# 6 – Homemade Cheese Sauce Recipe 

# 7 – Homemade Tartar Sauce Recipe 

# 8 – Homemade BBQ Sauce Recipe 

There are different types of BBQ sauces, and not everyone likes the same type. So we have in store for you not one, but 5, so that you can find something that will work for you!

# 9 – Homemade Chilli Oil Recipe (Chinese style) 

# 10 – Homemade Mint Chutney Recipe 

# 11 – Homemade Tzatziki Sauce Recipe 

# 12 – Homemade Schezwan Sauce Recipe 

# 13 – Homemade Salsa Verde Recipe (Mexican Green Sauce) 

# 14 – Homemade Romesco Sauce Recipe

# 15 – Homemade Thai Sauce Recipe 

# 16 – Homemade Caribbean Pepper Sauce Recipe (Hot Sauce) 

A fan of really spicy food? Then you will love this Caribbean hot sauce recipe tutorial.

# 17 – Homemade Sweet Relish Recipe 

# 18 – Homemade Chilli Sauce Recipe a la Jamie Oliver 

# 19 – Homemade Mayo Ketchup Recipe

A classic combination condiment, mayo ketchup is one of the best condiments to eat your fries and chicken wings with, and now you can have a go at making your own restaurant-quality mayo ketchup!

# 20 – Homemade Salsa Recipe 

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Spicy Condiments

A word for all the spicy food lovers out there – there are several spicy condiments on our list, so no matter what degree or type of spiciness you enjoy, you should be able to find something.

However, if you would like something spicier, here is an easy tip – just add more chillies! And vice versa if you prefer milder heat. You do not have to follow the recipes exactly – adjust the amount of chillies according to your preference.

On that note, if you would like some snacks ideas or recipes, check out these 7 egg snacks recipes, and these 15 easy snack recipes.

Check out these 3-ingredient recipes for even more easy recipe ideas (43 of them!). 

There are more recipes, and fun activity ideas, in our Fun Friday section. 

Closing Thoughts

So what do you think of these homemade condiment recipes? Which one do you want to try out first? Are there any condiments that is not on the list but you think should be?

As for your own experience, have you already had a go at making any of these condiments at home? 

Share your thoughts, tips and ideas about homemade condiment recipes in the comments section below. 

And do let us know how it goes when you try any of these condiment recipes out. 

Have a great weekend!

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