20 Halogen Oven Recipes To Get You Started With Halogen Ovens

Halogen ovens aren’t exactly new, but they are still gaining traction. So if you are someone who has recently bought a halogen oven, or considering getting one, and are looking for ideas for what to cook in your halogen oven, check out this list of 20 halogen oven recipes to help you get started.

It doesn’t matter whether you are completely new to halogen ovens, or a veteran – you will recipes here that will be useful for halogen oven users of all levels.

So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Halogen Oven Recipes

Check out this hand-selected list of 20 halogen oven recipes to get you well on your way to mastering halogen oven cooking:

Halogen oven recipe # 1 – Omelette

Omelettes are easy to make with pans – but how do you cook them in a halogen oven? Get that question answered in this video demonstration of how to cook an omelette in a halogen oven.

Halogen oven recipe # 2 – Roast chicken

Roasting chicken (and other meats) is one of the things the halogen oven really excels at. Check out this video recipe on how to roast a whole chicken in a halogen oven to get started.

Halogen oven recipe # 3 – Roast Tandoori Chicken & Baked Potatoes

Want to have a go at a chicken recipe with a bit more oomph? Then this halogen oven tandoori chicken is something for you to try out. It also comes with baked potatoes, so makes for the perfect weekend or dinner meal.

Halogen oven recipe # 4 – Roast beef

You have had a demo on chicken recipes, but how about cooking other types of meat in the halogen oven? Well, this halogen oven roast beef recipe will help with that.

Halogen oven recipe # 5 – Roast dinner

Want a recipe that’s a bit more complete, something that you can just cook together? Then this roast dinner recipe will be a good one to try. It is simple, and delish!

Halogen oven recipe # 6 – Roast turkey crown with vegetables

If you like roasted turkey, you are in for a treat with this next halogen oven recipe – which combiner roasted turkey crowns with vegetables.

Halogen oven recipe # 7 – Grilled steaks

Fan of steaks? We’ve got you covered with this halogen oven grilled steaks recipe.

Halogen oven recipe # 8 – Baked fish

Halogen ovens are good for more than just cooking chicken or other types of meats. Fishes work quite well too, as this recipe for halogen oven-baked fish will demonstrate.

Halogen oven recipe # 9 – Lasagna

Lasagnas are a classic food item that no recipe-list is complete without, so this next one is a video recipe for how to cook lasagna in a halogen oven. If you like lasagna, you will love this.

Halogen oven recipe # 10 – Yorkshire pudding

Yorkshire puddings are one of the most famous English food items ever – they are light fluffy, delicious, and incredibly versatile (they go well with basically everything!). Check out how you can make Yorkshire puddings in halogen ovens in this next recipe.

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Halogen oven recipe # 11 – Chicken kebabs

Do you like kebabs? Then you will be happy to know that halogen ovens work nicely for making these meat-on-stick items. Check out this halogen oven kebab recipe to learn how to cook kebabs in halogen ovens.

This recipe is for a West African version of chicken kebab (called Suya kebabs), but you can quite easily modify it to create what you want by just adding the spices and flavourings you like and/or want.

Halogen oven recipe # 12 – Welsh rarebit (cheese on toast)

Here is a great cheese on toast recipe that you can make in the halogen oven. Yes, you can make really good cheese on toast without having a conventional oven now. Check out the video to see how.

This makes for a great weekend breakfast. If you have not tried Welsh rarebit yet, you really need to try them out. A must-have for all cheese on toast fans.

Halogen oven recipe # 13 – Sweet potato fries

Want to make chips? You can easily do that in the halogen oven. In fact, here is a healthier fries recipe, with sweet potatoes, that you might just replace your normal potato fries with!

Halogen oven recipe # 14 – Kale chips

Healthy recipes are fairly easy to make with halogen ovens. Kale chips often come up when the topic is healthy snacks, and this next halogen oven recipe will show you how you can make them yourself.

On top of being healthy, they are quick and easy to make too!

Halogen oven recipe # 15 – Pizza

Love pizza? Well, welcome to the club, and we have got you covered. Check out this recipe to learn how you can make your very own pizza in a halogen oven.

Halogen oven recipe # 16 – Banana bread

We have been talking about recipes so far that are basically savoury. So it’s time we jumped to some sweet stuff, because let’s face it – we all like something sweet!

Check out this halogen oven banana bread recipe to get you going with that.

Halogen oven recipe # 17 – Cheesecake

If you are a lover of cheesecakes, you will be happy to know that you can make these awesome treats in the halogen oven! Check out this recipe to learn how.

On the topic of cheesecake, if you are a fan of cheesecakes, you will love these 15 no-bake cheesecake recipes! Check them out, they can inspire a great weekend treat.

Halogen oven recipe # 18 – Cinnamon rolls

Breakfast pastries rarely get any better than cinnamon rolls – with their beautifully baked exterior and the soft cinnamony interior, topped with sweetness… If you love cinnamon rolls, you have got to check out this recipe.

Halogen oven recipe # 19 – Cake

Halogen ovens are good for baking too, as the last few recipes have established. But you can’t really talk about baking without covering cakes. So here is a recipe for how you can bake a nice, delicious cake in a halogen oven.

By the way, if you like cakes (or even looking for some easy microwave dessert recipes), check out these 10 easy microwave cake recipes.

Halogen oven recipe # 20 – Biscuits (cookies)

Last but not the least, is a recipe for making biscuits (or cookies as many people call them) in a halogen oven. Yes, you can bake biscuits from scratch in a halogen oven! Check out this video to learn how.

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Closing thoughts

If you are a halogen oven user (or considering getting one), then these halogen oven recipes will be a great place to get you started with this cool kitchen gadgets (or, kitchen essential, depending on how you get on with them).

Have you used halogen ovens? What do you think about them?

Do you have any halogen oven recipes of your own to recommend or share?

Put your thought and comments about halogen oven recipes in the comments section below.

Oh and by the way, if you want to learn more about these cookers, check out our essential guide about halogen ovens, which has lots of tips and notes about them to help you really come to grips with them.

Happy cooking!

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20 Halogen oven recipes
20 Halogen oven recipes

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