20 Fun Recipes With Eggs For You To Try At Home

Check out twenty fun egg recipes you can easily make at home in today’s guide (video recipes included).

Keep reading to learn more.


# 1

Classic french toast

When I think about fun recipes with eggs, the first one that comes to mind is french toast. It’s a classic, and it is delicious, not to mention fun! So check out this fun egg recipe for the classic french toast!


# 2

Egg fingers

In the mood for a fun egg snack?

Then check out this crunchy egg fingers recipe.


# 3

Deviled eggs

Deviled eggs are fun! Here are 4 ways to make deviled eggs. If you are ever in need for a party food idea, these are great for that.

They are simple and fun to make, and you can do loads of things with them (and the recipes in this video will get you started on that). Check it out.


# 4


One of my favorite ways to make eggs, tamagoyaki is a japanese version of omelette, with a twist (or roll!).

Check out this video recipe to learn more.


# 5

Egg keema

Like your eggs spicy, fan of Indian food or just want to try something different than the regular fried plain eggs?

Then check out this video recipe of egg keema, a fun egg recipe from India


# 6

Tornado egg

Want to add a wow-inspiring twist to your omelette or fried egg?

Then check out this fun egg recipe from Korea!


# 7

Egg and soldiers

This here is one of the most classic English breakfast food, and it is incredibly simple to do, not to mention fun! Check it out.


# 8

Cookie cutter eggs

Want to add a really easy yet fun twist to your fried eggs?

Then check out this simple and fun egg recipe. 


# 9

Smoked boiled eggs

Check out this fun egg recipe to learn how you can add a great twist to your boiled eggs!


# 10

Soy sauce eggs

Here is another fun egg recipe to try with boiled eggs, an egg recipe with a Taiwanese twist.



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# 11

Scrambled boiled eggs

You know how to make boiled eggs, but what about boiled eggs that are already scrambled inside?

Check out this fun egg recipe to learn how you can scramble eggs without ever cracking the shell!


# 12

Cloud eggs

Egg yolk floating on cloud?! Yep, that’s what cloud egg is all about. When it first came out it was all the rage, and you will soon find out why. Check out this fun egg recipe to learn more.

By the way, if you don’t have an oven (or don’t want to use one), here is an alternative version that can be made on the pan. 


# 13

Cloud omelette

If you enjoyed the cloud egg recipe, you are going to love this next fun egg recipe.


# 14

Green eggs

If you are looking for a super simple and fun egg recipe, you can’t go wrong with this one.


# 15

Fried Bell Pepper eggs

Here is a fun egg recipe you can make with a natural cookie cutter…!


# 16

Pickled eggs

If you want a quick snack, pickled eggs are great. They are easy to make, and they last for a while.

Check out this next fun egg recipe to find out how you can easily make your very own pickled eggs.


# 17

Egg in a hole

When it comes to making fun recipes with eggs, you can’t go wrong with egg in a hole. It is a classic fun egg recipe, and in this video recipe you can learn about four interesting twists for making egg in a hole. Check it out.


# 18

Ramen eggs

If you are a fan of Japanese food, you will love this next fun egg recipe of ramen eggs.


# 19

Steamed egg

The earlier fun egg recipe was Japanese inspired, but we love Chinese food too so here is a Chinese style fun egg recipe for you to try.


# 20

Egg salad

The last fun egg recipe on this list is a really simple and fun one, and it is very healthy too (not to mention insta-worthy). Who says egg salad has to be boring!



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Closing thoughts

What did you think of these fun recipes with eggs? Which one is your favorite? Which one are you looking forward to trying first?

Share your thoughts, and tips in the comments section below. 

Have a great Friday, and weekend!


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