20 Comfort Food Ideas To Try This Weekend

Now that the weekend is nearly here, it is time to indulge. For those of you who follow the rules of a cheat day, Saturday is usually the day when you let loose and really indulge. Even for those who don’t use cheat days, the weekend is always a good time to indulge. And that’s where these comfort food ideas come in. 

Comfort foods are always a good way to do that. Few foods say “I’m chilling out” better than comfort food. They are the best chill-out food for a reason, and the reason is in the name… they are comforting!

Comfort foods are the best food items for anyone who just wants to chill out and relax.  

So to give you some inspiration on what you can try this weekend, to give you some ideas for what comfort food you can make, check out these 20 comfort food ideas from around the world. At the very least, they will definitely satisfy your food-porn cravings 😉

Check them out here: 

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What did you think of these ideas for comfort food? Which one are you most keen on trying? Which ones have you tried already?

Do you have any comfort food ideas of your own to share?

Add your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below. 

By the way, if you want some activity ideas to go with your comfort food, check out these 10 fun indoor game ideas for adults. Movies also go well with comfort food. If you are a Dwayne Johnson fan, this list of the 10 of the top Dwayne Johnson movies. Or, go one better. Combine the indoor games with a movie!

Either way, have fun. Just because most of the world has limited ability to move outdoors right now does not mean you cannot enjoy your time. You most certainly can, and these ideas will help. 

That’s it. Now go plan out your comfort food indulgence!

And have a great Friday!

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