15 Ways to Increase Your Happiness

Happiness can be a real struggle some times. But even if it does seem like a struggle, we can all do things that actively increases our levels of happiness.

In this article, we will explore fifteen such ways to increase our levels of happiness.

Read on to find out more…


1. Accept people for who they are

Happiness tip # 1 of 15 - Accept people for who they are
Don’t try to change people

Relationships are very important to our overall quality of life, and happiness.

Of course, not all people are the same, and sometimes arguments can arise. If that happens, try to understand the issue and make an effort to hear both sides of the story.

As much as possible, stay away from constant arguments, and let go of resentments.

Accept people for who they are.


2. Gratitude

Happiness tip # 2 of 15 - Gratitude
Think about all the things you are grateful for

Be grateful for who and what you have.

Take the time to thank the people around you and realize that life is abundant.

Refrain from focusing on the lack.

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3. Avoid the news

Happiness tip # 3 of 15 - Avoid news
Reduce your exposure to news

News can be a big source of stress, especially negative news.

More exposure to negative news = more negative thoughts.

So wherever possible, expose yourself to the news less.

Wean yourself off the stream of negativity that is mainstream news.

Also, check out our definitive guide on dealing with negative thoughts, to learn how to deal with the negative thoughts when they do crop up.


4. Join a spiritual group

Happiness tip # 4 of 15 - Join a spiritual group
Meditating with a group can be good for your happiness level

Being part of a spiritual group can be uplifting.

Aside from the sense of community they can foster, spiritual groups can encourage inner peace with their activities, especially meditation and mindfulness.


5. Get a handle on your time and prioritise

Happiness tip # 5 of 15 - Prioritise
Manage your time

Managing your time wisely can help reduce your stress, and improve your happiness levels.

Learn to prioritise and do things that are important to you.

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6. Laugh, every day

Happiness tip # 6 of 15 - Laugh every day
It is good to laugh

As the saying goes, “laughter is the best medicine.”

It’s not just a proverb either – even science has proven this.

So take every opportunity to laugh. An easy way to do this is to watch comedies, they go a long way to boost your mood and lighten your heart.

You can go a bit further, and not just improve your own day but others too – make people laugh with a good joke that you just heard! 


7. Express affection

Happiness tip # 7 of 15 - Express affection
Hug your friends & family

Communicating your feelings to the people around you is a great way to improve your level of happiness. In fact, it’s been proven that expressing physical affection through hugs can benefit you. So don’t hide or minimise your affection – express them.

Show your affections towards your loved ones. When was the last time you told your friends and/or family members that you love them?


8. Don’t bottle up your emotions

Happiness tip # 8 of 15 - Don't bottle your emotions
Bottling up emotions is unhealthy

Following on from the above point, bottling up emotions is just as bad for the negative emotions. Worse even.

So stop yourself from bottling up emotions like anger and frustration, as that is bad for your health. 

Find ways of expressing them in safe ways. Try writing, painting or sport – they can be good ways to express your emotions.

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9. Do stuff

Happiness tip # 9 of 15 - Do stuff
Do something

Working and accomplishing a task gives a sense of achievement, which is a great way to feel good about yourself, and feel happy.

So if you want to feel happy, try working on something that you believe is a valuable use of your time.


10. Learn new things

Happiness tip # 10 of 15 - Learn new things
Find something new to learn today

Learning something new every day can be an interesting and even joyful experience.

Learning also expands our horizon – learning new things help you grow and improve.

There are many benefits to learning new things, so learn something new! 

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11. Physical activities

Happiness tip # 11 of 15 - Physical activities
Working out isn’t just good for your body, but for your happiness too

Do physical activities like running, swimming, jogging, etc – they are great for raising your happiness levels. 

Our bodies were made for activity, and not for being stationary, so do things that your body was made for.

Physical activities are great for you – they can help you to feel alive!

Plank, in fact, is a simple yet effective exercise to get started with. Check out this article on 11 reasons why you should start doing planks to get you going.


12. Avoid loud noises

Happiness tip # 12 of 15 - Avoid loud noise
Loud noises can disrupt your peace

Avoid negative elements such as loud noises as they can disturb your balance.

Especially if you are an introvert.


13. Avoid dark, narrow alleys at night

Happiness tip # 13 of 15 - Avoid narrow dark alleys at night
Avoiding risky places, like dark alleys, is a great way to keep yourself safe, and happy

This one is more of a practical tip – stay away from places that can be hazardous to you.

Being in a narrow alley late at night, for instance, can be a bad choice for your safety – and happiness. So avoiding them is a good way to prevent unhappy events.

Prevention, after all, is better than cure…


14. Eat better

Happiness tip # 14 of 15 - Eat Healthy Food
Be mindful of the food you eat

Eating well is a great way to feel better, which in turn is great for improving your level of happiness. 

Eating bad can cause toxins inside your body, which can also bring about negative effects, avoid them as well.

So take care of what you eat.

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15. Drink less

Happiness tip # 15 of 15 - Drink less
Drink in moderation

Drinking alcohol can be fun, but done too much it causes problems.  

Alcoholism is a big problem for a reason. 

So be careful when/if you drink.

That said, you can have fun without drinking alcohol – in fact, non-alcoholic drinks are big right now. Here are 10 non-alcoholic drink recipes for you to check out.

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Next Steps

Can we become happier?

Yes, we certainly can. In fact, we CAN choose to improve our level of happiness. The fifteen ways mentioned above is a great start to increase your sense of happiness and to make your life more fulfilling.

But don’t stop here – check out this post to learn about five effective ways to feel good about yourself long term.

Also, practice what you have learned. Knowing about these tips is great, but they will do nothing to improve your level of happiness if you don’t apply them in your life.

Closing thoughts

What do you think of these tips – which are your favorites? 

Do you have any other happiness tips to share?

Share your thoughts, tips, and ideas in the comments below. 

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