15 Tips To Make 2019 Your Best Year Ever

2019 is here!

2018 has ended, with all its ups and downs, and now onto the new year. 

Today is the third day of the year. Many people focus on their new year’s resolutions during the first week of the year, and often the focus extends to not just one area but the overall improvement of oneself.  

Smart idea.

So how can you make 2019 great for yourself?

Here are fifteen tips to help you with just that.

1. Reassess your goals.

A new year is a great time, and opportunity, to wipe your slate clean and start fresh. 

It is a great time to assess, and/or reassess, the goals you have.

Are you already pursuing a goal? If yes, reassess it to make sure it is still what you want. Because otherwise, you are wasting time and energy.

If you don’t have any goals set, then this is the best time to set yourself some goals. 

Aim high!

Set some goals

2. Don’t wait till tomorrow.

Too often we make little or no progress because of procrastination. We think we’ll get it to it later or tomorrow, but that tomorrow never comes. Procrastination snowballs – the more you procrastinate about something, the harder it becomes to do. 

The solution? Start now! Take some action, no matter how big or small, right away. 

Make it a point to do at least one thing that will move you towards your goal by the end of the day.  The sooner the better.

When you keep up with this habit of taking at least one action every day, they will add up. Then your progress is what will snowball, and not your procrastination like it did last year.  

This is your chance to disrupt the procrastination habit and start on the right foot.

Do something, anything, before the end of the day. Make a commitment to do this every day.

Do something, anything, before the end of the day

3. Be proud of who you are.

There is this terrible misconception around about self-confidence and narcissism. They are NOT one and the same thing.

It is important to have confidence in yourself, and good to be proud of who you are. 

You should be proud of yourself – who you are and where you are – took work.

It involved getting over challenges and setbacks, it involved learning things and getting over stuff. 

You are stronger than you think, smarter than you realise, and have more potential than you can ever imagine. 

So take a moment to realise all the good things about you. 

It’s not about letting things get to your head, but about gaining perspective. You need to realise that you are capable of great things, and whatever goal you have in mind for this year – you CAN achieve.

You are capable of great things

4. Stop comparing yourself to others.

Comparing yourself to others is one of the biggest reasons why people are unhappy.

It’s a common tendency and an easy trap to fall into.

But if you want to make progress and improve your life, you have to stop comparing yourself to others. 

Stop comparing yourself to others

5. Be less active on social media.

Following on from the above point, social media is one of the biggest causes for our tendency to compare ourselves to others. 

Social media can make it difficult not to compare, as the stuff is just always in your face. 

Here is an easy way around that – limit your time on social media. 

This will help you focus more on you, and less on what others have or are doing. 

Limiting your time on social media has another big benefit – it leaves you more time to do the things that are important.

Limit your time on social media

6. Work on your weaknesses.

Do you have any weaknesses that you feel are holding you back?

If you said yes, you won’t be the only one. Nearly every one of us has weaknesses. 

But here’s the important thing to realise – you can work on your weaknesses. You can get better. 

So if there are any weaknesses that are getting in your way, make it a point to work on it this year. 

You can get better

7. Stop judging others.

It is easy to judge others, and most of us do it on autopilot. 

That is why first impressions are so important. 

But, they aren’t usually logical or productive. 

Heard of the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”? We do that a lot. We often judge others rashly, and unfairly. 

Think about it though – you won’t like it if someone judged you rashly, so why do that to others?

Judging others can slow or even stop your progress. So make this year one where you work on this.

Don’t judge a book by its cover

8. Manage your finances.

Money is important. It’s what helps us exchange value and gets the things we need and want.

Without proper management of money, it will be difficult to do the things you want to do with your life. 

So get a handle on your finances this year. Not only can that be a great weight off your shoulders, but it can also help you focus on the important stuff – the stuff you want to do and achieve this year, without having the worries of the day to day stuff.

Get a handle on your finances

9. Organise your stuff.

Clutter doesn’t just look bad, it also impacts how you feel. 

A great way to feel better is to declutter. It can also help you see things more clearly. 

So try your hand this year at organising your stuff. 

A great way to feel better is to declutter

10. Increase your physical activity level.

Health is wealth, as the saying goes, and it is a really valid point  – when you are not healthy, it becomes difficult to do anything. In fact, everything becomes more difficult. 

When you are in better health, on the other hand, it helps you do more. Being in better health can, in fact, accelerate your progress and increase and improve your capabilities.

So this year work on your physical activity level – make it a point to exercise every day. There’s a reason why the top performers in the world always make physical exercise a daily habit.

Make it a point to exercise every day

11. Look after your mental health.

Improving your health isn’t just about physical health – your mental health is just as important, often more!

There are lots of things you can do to look after and improve your mental health. 

Meditation is one of the best ways to do that. So why not give regular meditation a go this year?

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health

12. Push your comfort zone.

Growth happens only when we push our comfort zone.

If you want to do anything great this year, you have to push your comfort zone. 

So that in mind, and find ways to stretch yourself. That will help you get stronger and prepare you for dealing with the challenges you will face when pursuing your big goal(s) for this year.

Growth happens only when we push our comfort zone

13. Make time for the people you care.

Putting in the work to get your stuff done is important, but it is also important to make time for the people you care. 

Your connections help you become stronger and happier. So nurture the connections you have in your life, especially the important ones.

Make time for them.

They will help you stay happy, strong, and also help you move forward.

Nurture the connections you have in your life

14. Practice gratitude.

We take most things in life for granted and often get sad over what we don’t have.

It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that actually, we are more fortunate than we realise.

Each and every one of us. 

It’s good to remind ourselves how fortunate we really are. Start a daily gratitude log this year, and try to list at least three things you are grateful for every day. 

It has been scientifically proven that people who practice gratitude are more successful than those who don’t.

This is a habit worth adopting – it might seem small and “too easy”, but can have a significant positive impact on you.

We are more fortunate than we realise

15. Spread joy.

Remember the last time you helped someone and it made you feel great? It’s a core part of our brain’s mechanism – we are hardwired to feel good when we help others feel good. 

This, in fact, is a great way to introduce more joy and happiness in your own life.

So try to help others more this year. Actively spread joy. 

Helping others is a great, and easy way, to make this year a great one – if not your best year ever.

We are hardwired to feel good when we help others feel good

Last Words

These fifteen tips are great and can certainly help make 2019 your best year, but there is a very important yet simple requirement – you actually have to apply them to your life. 

Even the best advice is ineffective when it isn’t applied. So make use of these tips.

2018 might not have worked out quite as you had hoped it would, but there is no reason why 2019 cannot be your year. 

Follow the above tips, and you will definitely make serious progress. 

All you need to do is apply them, and follow through.

What’s your plan, your big goal, your grand vision, for 2019? 

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments. 

PS. Don’t forget to check out our Personal Growth section for more tips and articles to help you make 2019 great.

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