15 Simple & Delicious Green Jackfruit Recipes To Try At Home

In today’s guide we bring you 15 fun, delicious and simple recipes you can make yourself using green jackfruit. 

Keep reading to learn more. 

Green jackfruit
Discover 15 simple and delicious green jackfruit recipes!


Green Jackfruit Recipes

Green Jackfruit was all the rage not that long ago, and for good reason – it is a really healthy meat substitute (if not the best meat substitute). We love the taste and texture of green jackfruits, and in the spirit of spreading the word (and trying out some new recipes) we have for you today 15 delicious and simple green jackfruit recipes to try.

There are recipes from all over the world, and even versions of popular dishes (like pulled pork, pot roast, biryani, and so on).

Whether you like your food mild or spicy, elaborate or quick, soupy or dry, you will find something to fit your needs in this shortlist of fifteen video recipes.

Let’s begin!


Vegan Jackfruit Tacos


Coconut Jackfruit Stew (Ginataang Langka)


Crispy Green Jackfruit Chips (Chacka Chips) 


Pulled Jackfruit Recipe (Vegan Pulled Pork) 


Lucknow Green Jackfruit Curry


Vegan Pot Roast with Green Jackfruit


Vegan Popcorn Chicken with Young Jackfruit


Nashville Hot Jackfruit (Plant Based Fried Chicken)


Green Jackfruit Brisket Stew


Spicy Green Jackfruit Curry


Vegan Birria Tacos


South Indian Tender Jackfruit Stir Fry


Jackfruit Dum Biryani (Kathal Biryani)


Sri Lankan Jackfruit Curry (Coconut Jackfruit Polos Curry)


Jackfruit Carnitas

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Closing thoughts

If you are vegan or vegetarian, or have been considering cutting down on meat to improve your health, these green jackfruit recipes can be a great source of inspiration. That said, they will be absolutely worth trying even if you are not because green jackfruit is a great ingredient and tastes fantastic!

Green jackfruit is a must try if you have not tried them yet (and if you have, you know what we are talking about ;)). 

What are your thoughts about these green jackfruit recipes? Do you have any recipe suggestions or tips of your own to share?

Share your thoughts, tips about green jackfruit recipes in the comments section below. 

Enjoy these recipes and let us know how it goes, we would love to know. Have a great weekend!

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