15 of the Best Google Photos Alternatives

Google photos unlimited storage is stopping. But fret not, you still have loads of options.

Keep reading to learn about 15 of the most promising and best free google photos alternatives. 

Google Photos Unlimited No More!

Google recently announced that it is ending its unlimited photo storage option from the 1st of June 2021. After the 1st of June, any and all photos you upload to your Google photos account will count towards your total storage limit of 15GB (and that’s 15GB across all of the google services, including Gmail). 

Naturally like most of you this made me a bit worried – what happens to my photos now?! So I went on a bit of a research spree and found some information (and alternatives to Google photos) that will put your mind to rest

But first things first…

What will happen to the photos I have already uploaded?

First off, and this is the most important thing to note if you are worried about photos you have already stored on Google photos – nothing will happen to the photos you have already uploaded and stored on Google photos.

That is the good news, so stop worrying 🙂

The storage cap is only for any new photos you upload, and even that only from the 1st of June 2021. That means you still have nearly 4 months of unlimited free photo storage on Google photos! Just remember to set a reminder not to carry on backing up all your photos as usual after the 1st of June.  

By the way, this storage cap does not apply to you if you have a Pixel phone (Google clearly takes care of its own!). 

Now that that big concern is addressed, let’s consider our options post unlimited Google photos. 

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10 Promising Free Google Photos Alternatives for Your Photos

Here are ten promising Google photos alternatives for you to consider for your future photo storage. I have ranked them by storage (most to least) so that it is easy for you to review them based on your storage needs. I also have an additional five google photos alternatives below – but they are not as solid and reputable as these ten, so you can check them out next (especially if you want even bigger free storage).

Go through the solid and most reputable options first, and review the next five as secondary options. 

Let the countdown begin!

  1. Facebook = Unlimited! If you don’t mind facebook having access to your photos (and potentially using them), storing your photos on Facebook can be an option to look into. In theory, they offer you unlimited storage as they don’t mention any sort of limits on how much photos you can store. That said, the lack of privacy can be an issue, as is the fact that the photos you store are shrunk which only makes them good enough for viewing on your phone or computer. If you want to make sure that your photos are accessed only by you (and those you want to show them to) or want to have the option of higher quality photos, Facebook might not be the best option for you. That said, if privacy and/or photo quality isn’t that big of an issue for you then Facebook can be a great Google photos alternative!
  2. Amazon photos  {Prime membership link???} = Unlimited? Yes, Amazon does offer unlimited free online photo storage but there is a catch… only if you are an Amazon Prime member. Their Prime memberships come with a few other bells and whistles too (like free books you can read, exclusive TV shows and movies, faster delivery, etc), but not useful if you are not a Prime member.  
  3. Mega = 15GB. Offering a generous 15GB of free storage, Mega is by far my favorite option for free online photo storage (and free cloud storage in general). I have been personally using this service for nearly two years now without a hitch. They have a website as well as apps so you can back up photos from any device. 
  4. Box = 10GB. Box has been around since 2005, and has built a reputation for offering good quality online storage. 
  5. Mediafire = 10GB. Mediafire has been around since 2006 and is a fairly good option for online photo storage. 
  6. pCloud = 10GB. pCloud is a fairly new service and has been around since 2013. But it has a decent set of features (especially their reputation for secure cloud storage), so it can be worth considering.
  7. iCloud = 5GB. If you are an Apple user, then your account comes with free 5GB storage already. I have not personally used iCloud for photo storage, but since it is from Apple you can be rest assured that it is a reliable service. It is a decent Google photos alternative if you don’t store a huge amount of photos or don’t mind deleting some regularly (unless you opt for their paid plans).
  8. Microsoft Onedrive = 5GB. What can I say about Microsoft? Everyone knows Microsoft. They have been around since the beginning, and is one of the most reputable cloud storage options around. The only drawback is that they offer 5GB. But still, not bad. Can be enough storage for you if you are an occasional photographer.
  9. Flickr = 1,000 images. Flickr has been around for a long time, and has established themselves as one of the best options for photo storage. They used to offer 1TB but that was a while back. Now they only offer you storage for 1,000 photos. On the plus side, the images can be stored uncompressed, in high resolution. The drawback though is that you can only store 1,000 images. 
  10. Dropbox = 2GB. Dropbox offers the least amount of cloud storage when compared to the other Google photos alternatives, but they do offer some nifty features which can make up for it. Check it out yourself to see if it fits your needs.

As you will note, many of the services offer exactly the same amount of cloud storage space – so why consider them? Because each service has its own features and benefits, and which Google photos alternative will work best for you only you can decide. 

5 More Google Photos Alternatives

The ten mentioned above are the most reliable and solid free photo storage services around. They have been around for a long time, so they offer you at least some confidence in them. That said, they are not the only options when it comes to storing your photos. There are some other cool free cloud photo storage services which are fairly new. Their newness means they are not as tried-and-tested as the ones mentioned earlier.

However, if you don’t mind a bit of risk (and think that the additional amount of free online storage is worth the slight risk), then here are five more google photos alternatives you can try: 

  1. Dubox = 1TB
  2. Degoo = 100GB
  3. Jiocloud = 50GB
  4. Icedrive = 10gb
  5. MiMedia = 10GB

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Google Photos as its own alternative?

Even though Google photos is stopping its unlimited free photo storage service, it still offers a decent 15GB of cloud storage space. That makes Google photos one of the best photo cloud storage services around, especially when you consider the fact that it offers nearly three times that offered by other established platforms like iCloud, Amazon, and Microsoft.

Even though the Google photos unlimited storage option is ending, it is still a pretty good option for photo storage.

Google Photos Tips

Here is a tip for all of you who have decided to just carry on with Google photos even after their unlimited storage option stops: switch off the automated backup of photos on your Google Photos app. That way you can be selective about what photos get backed up rather than backing up everything on your phone. Can help a great deal in terms of not using up your 15GB google photos allowance fast!

You can also setup a new google account just for your photos. Combined with the earlier tip, it will take a good long while before you need to worry about your photo storage. 

Going forward, plan to back up only your best photos, rather than backing up every photo you take 🙂


In summary, here are the 15 google photos alternatives you can use to store your photos for free: 

  1. Facebook – Unlimited
  2. Amazon photos – Unlimited (only for Prime members)
  3. Mega – 15GB
  4. Box – 10GB
  5. Mediafire – 10gb
  6. pCloud – 10GB
  7. iCloud – 5GB
  8. Microsoft Onedrive – 5GB 
  9. Flickr – 1000 images
  10. Dropbox – 2GB
  11. Dubox – 1TB
  12. Degoo – 100GB
  13. Jiocloud – 50GB
  14. Icedrive – 10gb
  15. Syncplicity – 10GB

By the way, each and every one of the options mentioned here offers paid upgrades. If you want to opt for a paid photo storage option weigh up the services first.

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Closing thoughts

Google photos became the undisputed king of free cloud photo storage services when it offered unlimited free photo storage. But sadly that is no longer going to be the case (from 1st of June onwards). That said, you still have lots of options when it comes to storing your photos for free (as you learned in this guide). Google photos itself is a viable option too, despite the fact that they won’t be offering unlimited free photo storage anymore – as long as you plan your storage. 

What are your thoughts about these 15 free Google photos alternatives?  

Share your thoughts and opinions about the Google photos alternatives (and about the end of unlimited Google photo storage) in the comments section below.

Have a great Friday!


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