15 Interesting Valentine’s Day Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Millions of people around the world will be celebrating a special occasion today, valentine’s day. It’s been around for as long as we can remember. But how much do you actually know about this day, this event that’s celebrated with such fervour and occasion around the world on the 14th of February every year? We at Life Lab Magazine were curious ourselves, so we did some digging, and below is a list of some really interesting and insightful facts about valentine’s day we found. Check them out to learn more about valentine’s day.

Valentine’s Day Facts

Below are some interesting valentine’s day facts for you to check out:
  1. Saint Valentine confusion: Valentine’s Day is mostly known as a day to celebrate Saint Valentine, but it’s actually not quite as simple as that as there are in fact three recognised saints with that name! But the most likely Saint that the day is meant to honour is Saint Valentine of Rome.
  2. Pagan roots: Even though the day has become popular as a Christian celebration (see above), it’s roots very well maybe pagan. Historians believe that the 14th of February was chosen not because of Saint Valentine’s date of burial, but rather as an alternative to Lupercalia, a pagan holiday that’s celebrated around the same date. You can find out more about Lupercalia here.
  3. 600 year old tradition: The giving of valentines (gifts, cards, and so on) is an old tradition, the oldest record of it going back over 600 years, to 1415. That’s when the Duke of Orleans, imprisoned in the Tower of London, gave a poem to his wife as his valentine.
  4. Millions of cards: This probably won’t come as a surprise – millions of cards are exchanged on Valentine’s Day around the world. In fact, in the USA alone 144 million valentine’s day cards are exchanged!
  5. Unofficial official colours: The unofficial official colours of this day are pink and red. There is no rule about it, but you just need to look around you to see what the colours of valentine’s day are.
  6. Medical logenze: The candy hearts that are such a common part of this day originally started as medical logenzes.
  7. The heart: Even though the heart is quintessentially the symbol of love, and a key part of valentine’s day, it was originally not considered to have anything to do with love or romance. Initially it was thought of as our centre of memory. But it was turned into the symbol that it is today largely thanks to the works of 14th century Italian and French artists, who started using the heart as a symbol of love and romance.
  8. Most popular flower: Can you guess what the most popular flower is for valentine’s day? If you guessed rose, you would be absolutely right. They are so popular, in fact, that on valentine’s day they account for more than half of all the day’s flower sales. That’s a lot of roses!
  9. Engagements: What’s one of the most popular days to propose or be proposed to? Your right, it’s valentine’s day! As a 2017 study by diamond retailer James Allen found, 43% of people select valentine’s day as their preferred day to propose or be proposed to.
  10. Big business: In case this isn’t obvious by now, valentine’s day is big business. Just in America alone (according to the National Retail Federation, USA) people are expected to spend $27.4 billion on valentine’s day 2020!
  11. Can’t go wrong with chocolate: It’s not just women who love chocolates by the way, as research has found, men do too. According to a survey by the National Confectioners Association, both men and women prefer chocolates over flowers. So in case you’re wondering which to get, you have your answer.
  12. Caramel: The valentine’s day chocolate boxes, with their assorted flavours of chocolates, are a classic valentine’s day gift. Have you ever wondered which flavours are the most popular? Well, if you have, here’s the answer – it’s caramel. According to the National Confectioners Association, caramel flavoured chocolates are the most popular ones in the boxes, with chocolate-covered nuts coming in second, followed by chocolate-filled, cream-filled, and coconut flavor ones.
  13. Not everyone celebrates it: Yes, valentine’s day is popular, all around the world, but not everyone actually celebrates it. In America alone, according to a survey by the National Retail Federation, 3 in 10 adults do not celebrate the day.
  14. Galentine’s Day: Not celebrating valentine’s day is not just ok, some actually celebrate it! That’s the point of Galentine’s day, where people celebrate their friendships rather than celebrating romance. Originally created in 2010 by the popular TV show Parks and Recreation, it has grown over the years quite a bit. The power of TV…
  15. Pet love: The day, as it turns out, means different things to different people (as you’ve learned from the above valentine’s day facts). For most, it’s about romance and love. For many, it’s one not to make a fuss over. For a growing number of the population it’s about celebrating friendship. But as it turns out, for a significant proportion of the population, the day is also about treating their pets. The sales figures paint the picture quite well – in 2010, valentine’s day gifts for pets amounted to a total of $450 million in sales, according to the figures of the National Retail Federation. But the sales figures have grown to over $1.7 billion! Clearly spending on pets on valentine’s day has become a very popular thing.

Closing thoughts

Even though many people will celebrate this day, not everyone will, and that’s completely ok. It is your choice after all, whether to celebrate something outt not. If you are celebrating valentine’s day, how are you planning on celebrating it? Do you have any special plans?
As for the valentine’s day facts, which one of these surprised you, or did you find particularly intriguing? Has finding out about these changed your perception of this day?
Share your thoughts in the comments section below.
And, obviously, happy valentine’s day!


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