13 Things You Can Learn From Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson About Success, and Overcoming Challenges

Check out this guide to find some awesome things you can learn from The Rock about life and success.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the most successful people in the world right now. But where he is today was not an accident – it was something he worked for, very hard. The success he has today was earned, rather than a product of dumb luck.

Goes without saying that if there is anyone you can learn a thing or two about success, it is The Rock. 

So in today’s article, we will look at some of his best tips and advice on what it takes to overcome challenges, and succeed in life. 

Here is a snapshot of what you will learn in this article:

  • Some of the biggest challenges he had to overcome
  • How he overcame challenges and setbacks, and what you can learn from him about success
  • The three key contributors to his success (the secrets to his success)

Read on.

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13 Things You Can Learn From The Rock About Success, and Overcoming Challenges
The journey to the top is full of challenges


The Rock didn’t become the big success that he is today overnight. He went through quite a lot and had lots of challenges and setbacks. Here are some of the major setbacks he overcame:

  • Evicted when he was 14
  • Kicked out of Hawaii
  • Arrested multiple times by the time he was 16 years old
  • Crashed out of the major leagues and had his dreams of playing pro football crushed
  • After his pro football career, he was left with just $7 in his pocket.

Let’s just say that his life has not been easy. He knows what it means to struggle. He is a bona fide self-made guy.

Now that you know some of the shit he went through, let’s look at some of his advice on overcoming challenges, and what you can learn from that.

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Things you can learn from The Rock - success quote
Aim for number one!


Here are a few things you can learn from The Rock about success, and overcoming challenges.

  1. Remember where you came from – Even now, when he is super successful, The Rock still regularly reminds himself where he came from. He keeps in mind where he has come from, to remind himself where he wants to go. Remembering where you have come from can give you clarity on who you are and where you want to go.
  2. Remember the hard times – This follows on from the first point. Along with remembering his origins, he also reminds himself of the challenges and the hard times he has been through. This helps him to go into the big moments with perspective. Here’s the point – no matter what shit happens, let it drive you. Use it to motivate you. Lots of people told The Rock that he won’t make it, that things won’t work out, that he had no business being in the movie business or in the wrestling business. He met challenges over and over, but he did not let them stop him. He still uses his setbacks to motivate him, to give him perspective, and to remind him how far he has come.
  3. Be present – He uses the process above to help him ground himself and to focus on things as they are now. This also helps him get clarity on what to do next. Being mindful is really useful for motivating yourself, and for getting clarity. But that’s not all mindfulness is good for – find out here 30 reasons why you need to practice mindfulness.
  4. When your back is against the wall, the only direction for you to go is forward – When things seem really bad, when you hit rock bottom, it might seem like there is nothing else you can do. But that’s one of the key things The Rock used to motivate himself. To this day, he uses the thought of his back being against the wall to remind himself that when you get stuck, when you fall down, when you hit the wall… the only way is forward. 
  5. Let nothing stop you from moving forward – Following on from the above point, this is another key for succeeding in life and overcoming obstacles. Life is rarely ever a bed of roses. There will always be speed bumps. There will always be challenges. But the only way to reach your destination is to drive through whatever obstacle is put in your way. Only by overcoming them can you move forward, and grow. Life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
  6. The prep is where the character is made – This is a direct quote from The Rock. He put in a lot of preparation and work to get to where he is now. Even now, every day he works out hard, harder than 90% of people out there, to prepare to be at his best. Success takes work.
  7. Do more than everyone else – Being shy of working hard is not what gets the people at the top, like The Rock, to the top. Even now he wakes up at four am in the morning, and works harder than anyone else. He is always willing to give it 110% to be the best, and that is one of the key requirements for being the best.
  8. Laugh, joke and have fun – Having struggles and challenges does not mean you stop having fun or being happy, or that you don’t smile, or joke. You can be happy even when you are struggling. In fact, it is important to stay positive especially when things are challenging, as otherwise, it gets extra hard to push through the hard times.
  9. There will always be haters – The Rock has lots of haters, but he has never let them (or their opinions) stop him from doing what he wants. Often the more successful you are, the more haters you will have. So it is important to not let them get to you. If it’s your dream, do it, go for it. Haters will hate, but do not let the haters stop you.
  10. To be great, you have to commit to your goal – Ever major turning point of The Rock’s life was a result of his commitment to his goal at that time. When he came out of retirement, he was committed to being the best in the movie business, even though most people around him did not think it was a realistic goal (more on this below), but that did not stop him. He was committed to making his goal happen, and he did. Without his incredible commitment, he would not have achieved his “unrealistic” goal. Commitment is vital for achieving big things. 
  11. Things don’t always work out – When The Rock went into pro football, he had a great career in front of him. Or so he thought. Down the line, he was cut from the team, his dreams were crushed, and he had to move back in with his parents with barely any money left. Things don’t always work out as you think they will, and that is ok. It’s all part of the journey. What matters is not giving up, as you will learn next.
  12. Not giving up is the only way to make a comeback – Just because something did not work out, like The Rock’s pro football career, does not mean you cannot still make it. He is where he is today because he refused to give up. Not giving up is what gave him his second chances, and helped him to be where he is today. If you really want to achieve your dreams, you cannot give up. So, do not give up.
  13. Don’t be afraid to dream big – Having “realistic” goals is not what helps people like The Rock achieve incredible feats. For instance, when he went to his agents while planning to revamp his film career, he told his agents that he wanted Will Smith’s career, but bigger and better. His agents did not believe it was a realistic goal, but that did not stop him. He was not afraid to dream big, and without dreaming big he would not be the incredibly successful person that he is today. Do not worry about making your dreams “realistic” – if you have a big dream, go for it.

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Things you can learn from The Rock - The Rock's quote on working hard
You need to do the work

3 Secrets To His Success

Want to know what The Rock’s secrets to success are?

Here they are:

  1. Dream big.
  2. Work hard.
  3. Stay focused.

Simple, and effective. 

So if you want to succeed in life, don’t be afraid to dream big. Once you have your goal, go after it. Work hard to achieve your goal, and stay focused on it until it is achieved.

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Closing thoughts

Never be afraid of dreaming big, or going after what you want in life. Like when The Rock was asked what he wanted to accomplish, his answer was “I want to accomplish the world”.

Go after your dreams.

What do you think about the tips and advice above about overcoming challenges and success? Share your thoughts and comments below.

The tips and advice in this guide were based on one of The Rock’s speeches. To learn more, you can watch the full speech here:

What did you learn from today’s guide on some important and useful things you can learn from The Rock? What are your main takeaways? 

Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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