13 Cool Things An Android Can Do That An iPhone Can’t

What can you do with an Android that you can’t with an iPhone? This was a question we were hit with recently when talking to some iPhone users. And the answer is – loads! Androids, because of their open-source feature, makes it easier for programmers and smartphone manufacturers around the world to tinker and tweak the system to come up with newer and more interesting features and benefits. With iPhones, that just is not an option since it is a closed system.

So for those of you curious to find out about things Android phones can do that iPhones can’t, check out today’s article where we have compiled 13 of the most interesting things.

Read on.

Things Android phones can do that iPhones can't
Android phones can do lots of cool things that iPhones can’t. Learn more below

Things an Android can do that an iPhone can’t

Here are just a few things you can do with an Android phone that you can’t really do with an iPhone.

  1. Back button – One of our favorite things when it comes to an Android phone is the back button. We didn’t really even notice it until we used an iPhone (which does not have a back button), then we really missed it! With Android, you can just go back to things, but with an iPhone the process is not quite as straightforward.
  2. Transfer data between computer and phone – All you need to do is connect your phone to your laptop or PC, and voila! A drive will show up enabling you to access all your phone’s content. This makes it easy to back up stuff, as well as move stuff from your phone to your computer (great for those times when you need to free up some space fast), and vice versa. Trying to do that with an iPhone proved to be an absolute nightmare.
  3. Wireless charging – More and more Android phones now have the option of wireless charging, which Samsung leading the charge. But iPhone is still behind on this.
  4. Easier charging – Bit stuck for charging, and your phone dying (or dead)? Just ask anyone with a charging cable as any micro USB cable will work with an Android. This makes it infinitely easier to charge an Android phone than it is to charge an iPhone (especially in case you need a quick fix).
  5. Easier repair – Something wrong with your Android phone? Just google a fix, or for something more serious, take it to the phone repair place down the road. When it comes to iPhones though, you will usually need a specialist who deals with them, and often (especially if you are traveling) those can be hard to come by.
  6. Dual SIM – Android phones these days have the ability to use 2 SIM cards as a standard feature. Most of the recent Android phones have Dual SIM capability. iPhones, however, do not offer this option.
  7. Customisable widgets – If you like widgets on your phone, you are very very likely an Android user, because using them on an iPhone is really limiting. On an iPhone, widgets are usually limited to only the notification panel – you can’t really move them around, or put them on your home screen. This is not an issue with Android phones however, and the sky is the limit when it comes to using widgets. To get you started, there are default widgets to play around with, and if you want more you can always get some for free from the Play store.
  8. More security options – With an Android you can lock in many different ways. You can use fingerprint, swipe, PIN, even face recognition and voice commands! But when it comes to security features on iPhones, there aren’t as many options. And their face unlock feature, unfortunately, often does not work (if the number of venting instances we have encountered about this is any indication!.
  9. Easily expandable storage – With most Android phones, expanding the storage is simply a matter of adding a higher capacity micro-SD card. You need more storage, just get a card. But with iPhones, you are stuck with what you have.
  10. Access to more mobile payment options – When it comes to mobile payment options, Apple Pay is the de-facto (if not the only) option for iPhone users. This can become a challenge if the place you want to use it in does not have NFC-enabled terminals as Apple Pay only works with those. But Android users have a lot more options (e.g. Google Pay, Samsung Pay), which means if one doesn’t work, you can just switch to another. This is especially useful for people who travel.
  11. Removable batteries – Ok, this one is becoming rarer since most of the bigger names like Samsung are following iPhones suit, and creating the batteries as fixed. But still there are lots of Android handsets out there which gives you the option to remove the battery. This is great for anyone who likes that flexibility of simply switching the battery when their phone dies. Also cuts down on repair issues in case of battery problems. iPhones have always created built-in systems – this includes the battery that you just can’t remove normally.
  12. Home screen is more customisable – With an Android phone’s homescreen, you can do a whole host of things. You can basically have it exactly how you want it. Changing the home screen interface on an iPhone is not quite as simple, and certainly there isn’t as much flexibility.
  13. Change default apps – Want to change what your default app for email is, or for browsing? Not hard to do with Android (Settings > Apps & notifications > Default apps). But doing that with an iPhone is just not an option.

Closing thoughts

What do you think of this list – which Android features do you enjoy the most? Got any Android features or tips of your own to share?

Share your thoughts, tips and suggestions about what you can do with Android that you can’t with iPhone, below.

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