11 Great Android Apps for People Who Like Reading

Smartphones have made our lives easier in many different ways. Now while many readers think they might have hampered our reading habits and attitudes, these devices actually can augment and improve our reading – if we let them. In fact, that is what we want to show you in today’s article about 11 great android apps for readers. Read on to learn about apps that will be useful for any and all readers – whether you are a beginner, or a veteran, or like to read about researches or even be on top of the latest news and insights. However or whatever you like to read, this list of apps can give you something that can help your reading (and learning). So check out today’s article to learn more about these 11 useful and interesting android apps for people who like reading.

Note: These apps are for android users – we intend to do a similar list for iPhone users in the future. If you are an iPhone user and have any recommendations, please do share them with us in the comments section.

Great android apps for readers

Below are some great apps for all you bibliophiles and learners out there.

Amazon Kindle
Apps for readers # 1 Amazon Kindle
Apps for readers # 1 Amazon Kindle

You can’t really read ebooks without knowing about Amazon Kindle – that is the biggest depository of ebooks in the world after all. Rarely any new book now comes out without being on Amazon Kindle. That sort of makes this app an essential one for any reader to have on their phone.

Apps for readers # 2 Blinkist
Apps for readers # 2 Blinkist

If you like reading, and learning, you will love the second app on our list. Called Blinkist (catchy name right), this app does one thing – it gives you a summary of one book every day. The free plan comes with one book summary a day (which resets every day at 12 am), but we have found that to be more than enough. But if you want to access even more book summaries, you can always upgrade to one of their paid plans. For most readers and learners though, the free plan really is enough.

Blinkist is a great way to learn and read new things every day. You can even use these summaries to help you decide on which books you want to learn more of (or less) – we often use these summaries to decide on our next book buys. But however you use it, it is a great app for all readers out there. Highly recommended.

Read More
Apps for readers # 3 Read More
Apps for readers # 3 Read More

If reading is a habit you want to develop, or it is something you really want to do more of, then Read More can be a really useful app for you. It is a reading habit app that helps you create (or improve) your reading habit.

With it you can set yourself reading goals, which you can then track as it logs your reading to give you stats on how much you are reading on a weekly or monthly basis. It also comes with a note-taking feature to take notes on anything you find particularly interesting, useful, and/or insightful.

Great app for anyone who wants to get serious about reading, and wants to create and/or improve their reading habit.

Speed Reading 
Apps for readers # 4 Speed Reading
Apps for readers # 4 Speed Reading

If you are at all interested in reading more, and faster, this app can be really useful for you. Speed Reading is an app that helps you with, you guessed it, improving the speed of your reading!

The app comes with masterclasses to help you develop your reading speed, as well as detailed statistics to help you track your progress. A great app for anyone serious about improving their reading speed.

@Voice Aloud Reader (TTS Reader) 
Apps for readers # 5 Voice Aloud Reader (TTS Reader)
Apps for readers # 5 Voice Aloud Reader (TTS Reader)

Find yourself in a position where you can’t really read your book, but can listen (maybe, say, while you are driving, or cooking)? That is where this app comes in handy. This TTS reader app is a text to speech app that converts your ebooks to speech, and reads them out loud for you. This way you can carry on doing what you need to while also reading (albeit in an audio format!).

It supports nearly all ebook formats, as well as documents and even emails – so it can be handy for more than just reading aloud ebooks. The app has over 5 million installs and 89,000 ratings (4.5 stars on average), so they must be doing something right. Worth checking out.

50000 Free eBooks & Free AudioBooks 
Apps for readers # 6 50000 Free eBooks & Free AudioBooks

You can tell what this app is all about right, because if this is not an obvious name we don’t know what it! This app is great for anyone who likes to read, and gives you access to over 50,000 ebooks, all for free! Talk about a giant library that you can access any time of the day, completely for free, all from your smartphone. You might never need to spend any money on buying another book ever again!

On that note, if you like free ebooks, then here is another interesting app for you to try out: Gutenberg

Apps for readers # 7 Bookly
Apps for readers # 7 Bookly

Do you remember the last time you were in the middle of a book when you got distracted, and then couldn’t remember where you were? Or perhaps you really want to use a bookmark to mark where you are in a book but don’t have any handy? That’s where Bookly comes in – it is a virtual bookmark to help you track where you pause while reading. But it does more than that: it also tracks how long it takes for you to read a certain book, as well as a prediction of how long it will take to finish the book you are reading (based on your reading speed and time logs).

The infographic style report it creates for each book you read/track can also make reading extra fun.

An interesting one for all casual readers to try (and a must-try for all bibliophiles).

Apps for readers # 8 Bookship
Apps for readers # 8 Bookship

Reading is usually a solitary act, but it doesn’t always have to be. In fact, often reading can be more fun when done with others. And that is the principle behind Bookship. This app aims to make reading more social by helping readers connect with friends and create virtual book clubs.

If the idea of connecting with other readers appeals to you, this is an app for you to check out.

Apps for readers # 9 PressReader
Apps for readers # 9 PressReader

Reading is not just about reading books – magazines and newspapers are an integral part of reading too. Or so we believe. If you feel the same way, then this next app will work be great for you. PressReader is a magazine and newspaper app that comes with a free membership which gives you access to some of the top newspapers and magazines around the world.

You can create a custom reading feed (or channel, as they call them) to shortlist the things you like to know about and read. It has had over 5 million downloads, and nearly 12,500 ratings (average rating of 4.5), so it is clearly doing something well.

For all those readers out there who like being in the know of the latest going ons, this will be a must-install android app.

Apps for readers # 10 Researcher
Apps for readers # 10 Researcher

If you are interested in more than books, newspapers, and magazines, and like reading scientific researches and journals, then this app is one you will absolutely love, With access to over 15,000 academic journals. Researcher is a great app to check out researches and studies.

It is free to use, for life, and gives you the option to get updates on topics that are of most interest to you (so no being bogged down by information about things that are not of much, or any, interest to you). You can also bookmark research papers to read later.

Worth checking out for anyone interested in scientific researches and new findings.

Books I’ve read
Apps for readers # 11 Books I've read
Apps for readers # 11 Books I’ve read

The name pretty much tells you right from the start what this app does – it helps you keep track of the books you have read. Ever wanted to have a quick update on the number of books you have read that month, or year, or so far? That’s where this app comes in handy. It can be great to see how many books you have read so far – and not just for the ability to boast with your friends 😉

At less than 5mb installation size, the app is fairly lightweight. And it has over 100,000 downloads and 900+ reviews (with an average rating of 4+). Certainly worth checking out for anyone who loves to read.

Closing thoughts

Which of these apps are you keen on checking out first? Which have you used, if any?

Do you have any reading related apps you really like that isn’t on this list (and you think deserves to be)?

Share your thoughts and suggestions about android apps for readers in the comments section below.

Have a great Friday!

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