10 Things You Didn’t Know About Everyday Items

Learn about some fascinating uses for everyday items in today’s guide about ten things you didn’t know about household items.

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10 Things you didn't know about everyday items coffee
Discover some interesting and useful things about everyday items that you probably did not know!

Ten things you didn’t know about household items

Check out these ten interesting things you didn’t know about household items!

  1. Coffee cup lids – The lid of your coffee cup from Starbucks is there to stop the coffee from spilling all over you, you already know that. But did you know that they have one more purpose? They do, and that is to act as a coaster. Especially for the cold drinks, the lids act as a coaster to help the water from getting all over the table. So the next time you get a drink, especially a cold drink, just use the coaster that comes with it! Note: It goes without saying this only works with the flat lids (don’t try this with round ones, like the one in the picture above!).
  2. Tic tac lid cavity – Tic tac lids have a capsule shaped space on the inside. Ever wondered what that is for? It does actually have a purpose, the purpose being to hand you one tic tac. It’s a tic tac dispenser! That said, if you’re someone who likes to gobble up lots of tic tac at once this feature won’t be of much use to you. However, if you are happy to just enjoy one tactic at a time then try out this feature to make the most of the proper way to have a tic tac!
  3. Raised dents on your computer keyboard – If you are reading this from your laptop of computer check the letters F and J. You can then see the raised lines or dents on them. But what are they for, have you wondered? Turns out they are there to help us type faster and better. The idea is that you can find these keys just by feeling them with your hand without even needing to look at the keyboard, so they can act as a guide for you and help you speed up your typing. These lines are key to touch typing (and typing fast).
  4. Holes on pen caps – Lots of pen lids have holes on them, do you know what they are for? Believe it or not, they are there as a safety feature to prevent people from choking on them! A lot of people have a habit of chewing on the lids of their pen, and it is so common that over 10,000 people every year choke on pen lids! So by having these holes on the lids makes sure that there is at least some opening for air, which can help prevent choking. Although, it is better not to chew on them altogether won’t you say!
  5. Hole on soda can tabs – You must have noticed the holes on the tabs/openers of your soft drink cans. All soda cans have them. But ever wondered why it’s there? It doesn’t really seem to have any purpose… Well, it actually does. The hole on the tab of your soda can is there to help keep the straw in place, so that it doesn’t move around while you are drinking with a straw. If you are drinking from the can without a straw however, then it won’t have much use for you but still good to know!
  6. Soft disk inside soda bottle caps – Remember the last time you got a soda bottle drink and found the soft disk inside the bottle cap? If you haven’t really noticed it yet, have a look next time you get a soda. That soft padded disk is there to help prevent the soda from going flat. No one likes their soda flat, and this disk helps to keep your soda crisp and carbonated longer.
  7. Hollow curve at the bottom of wine bottles – If you are a wine drinker then you must have come across wine bottles with a hollow curved space at the bottom. It’s not an artistic feature in case you are wondering. No, this hollow curve (called a punt) was originally put it to help the bottles stand up straight. Bottle manufacturing has come a long way since those early days and the issues with flat bottom bottles are not really an issue any more, but the punts are still left in most wine bottles just as part of tradition.
  8. Brackets at the top of the gas nozzles – When you took your car for a refill the last time did you notice the brackets at the top of the gas nozzles? It seems a bit pointless but they actually are there for a very good reason. Now you might not be someone who forgets to remove the nozzle once you’ve filled up your car, but it has been known to happen – some people fill up their car and then drive off without taking the nozzle out! Forgetfulness like that can be dangerous, and to help with that the gas nozzles have the brackets added as a safety feature, and they snap away when someone forgets to take the nozzle out before driving off. That saves everyone around from a tragedy. That said, don’t forget to make sure that the gas nozzle is out before you set off the next time you’re at the gas station!
  9. Pan handle holes – You’ve noticed the hole in the handle of your pans haven’t you, do you know what they are for? Now you might say that that’s for hanging them up, and you aren’t wrong. But there is another purpose for them… and the purpose is to hold your utensils rather than putting them on the side. Now you know how you can easily store the spatula or spoon while cooking and using them.
  10. Hole on plane window – The window seat is possibly the most popular seat on a plane, and for good reason. It gets you the best view after all. Now think back to the last time you were in a window seat. Do you remember the tiny holes on the window of the plane? They have a very important purpose. These tiny holes are called bleed holes and are there to help make sure that the pressure is balanced when altitudes change. It also acts as another safety feature – the windows are double paned and in case of any trouble the outer pane gets the bulk of the damage making sure that you are still safe. The next time you get on a plane, you will get on with a renewed appreciation of these tiny holes on the window!

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10 Things you didn't know about everyday items
Enjoy your cold coffee next time without worrying about water getting everywhere!


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