10 Non-Alcoholic Halloween Drinks To Try

If you are looking for some inspiration for non-alcoholic halloween drinks to make, here we have 10 ideas for you to try out.

They are non-alcoholic, and kid friendly. So you can celebrate your spooky evening without being tipsy!

Non-alcoholic Halloween Drink # 1: Spider Blood Punch

This recipe calls for props, but once you have that sorted, it is a really versatile and simple drink to create.

You can, in fact, create your own drinks and just add the spider ice cubes. The imagination really is the limit to what you can do with this recipe as inspiration 🙂

Non-alcoholic Halloween Drink # 2: Berry Bloody Halloween Punch

With it’s killer flavour combos, this recipe is definitely worth a try.

Non-alcoholic Halloween Drink # 3: Black Halloween Punch

Black works for halloween, won’t you say? So this black punch can be just what you were looking for.

Tip: Serve in a glass rimmed with red sugar for extra impact…

Non-alcoholic Halloween Drink # 4: Zombie Brains

The use of jello in this drink recipe is very clever, and adds a whole new dimension to the drink.

Non-alcoholic Halloween Drink # 5: Trick Or Treat Halloween Punch

This is definitely one of the most visually appealing drinks recipe. The multi-coloured layered effect are wow-worthy!

Non-alcoholic Halloween Drink # 6: Halloween Party Punch

This recipe calls fro lychee and berries and creates adds extra spookiness with the ice hand. Creates quite a visual impact.

Non-alcoholic Halloween Drink # 7: Witch’s Brew Halloween Punch

This slushie-type drink brings back memories… The ice-cream in the pitcher does create a cool visual impact, totally has the eek-factor down!

Non-alcoholic Halloween Drink # 8: Vampire Drink

If you are short on time or need a really easy and quick to make drink, then this is definitely one to check out.

Non-alcoholic Halloween Drink # 9: Green Halloween Punch

Another simple halloween drink recipe. You just need 3 ingredients. Check it out.

Non-alcoholic Halloween Drink # 10: Sweet Pumpkin Juice

This one doesn’t have the eek-factor, but seriously, why can’t you have something halloweeny which is also healthy?

So we present you this Pumpkin juice recipe. After all, you can’t have halloween without pumpkins!

Tip: Add a bit of ginger and lemon to upgrade the taste.

Let us know which one is your favourite, as well as any tips you might have to share.

Do you have any favourite non-alcoholic halloween drinks?

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