10 Interesting & Fun Facts About Birthdays

Birthdays are special – they celebrate the day you were born. That is a special day for you and it is certainly important.

Birthdays aren’t just about celebrating one person’s birthday though. There is a lot more involved, and lots of interesting and fascinating facts are involved with birthdays in general.

Below, in fact, are ten such interesting and fun facts about birthdays – great for when you need to dazzle some friends with some trivia or have a quiz night.

Read on to learn more.

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Fun Facts About Birthdays

Here are some interesting and fun facts about birthdays:

  1. Most popular birthday months – What month does your birthday fall on? If it is in the months of July, August, or September, then your birthday is on one of the most popular months for birthdays. If you have a big family (and/or lots of friends), you’ll find that those are the busiest months for birthday celebrations. Better prepare those birthday cards in advance!
  2. Most popular month – After reading the first fun fact about birthdays, you might be wondering what the most popular month is for birthdays. Here’s a hint, it’s better July, nor September. Yep, it is August. Just how popular is it for birthdays? Turns out that 9% of all the world’s birthdays in a year are celebrated in August. So yes, it is popular!
  3. New year is a busy time – August is the most popular birthday month in the year, but the title for the most popular day goes to a day in another month. It is on the 5th of October. In case you’re wondering how New year’s fits into that, just count nine to ten months from the new year’s period…
  4. Least common birthday date – The most common birthday date falls in October, but how about the least common birthday date? That happens to fall on the 22nd of May. If you ever struggle to find a birthday card for that specific date, now you know why.
  5. Most popular cards – This probably will not come as a surprise, but of all the different types of greeting cards, birthday cards are the most popular. How popular? About 58% of all cards sold in the US are birthday cards.
  6. Most expensive birthday party – So far you’ve learned about dates, let’s talk about parties now. So do you know what the cost of the most expensive birthday party was? It cost a whopping $27.2 million, and yes, that’s in US dollars. Who threw such an extravagant party you wonder… It was the Sultan of Brunei. He threw that party for his 50th birthday, and it had 3 concerts featuring Micheal Jackson. Must have been a hell of a party!
  7. Anne Frank’s diary – The diary Anne Frank wrote is one of the most famous pieces of literature in the world. Here’s an interesting fact about it: the diary (yes, it literally was a diary) in question was given to Anne as a birthday gift for her thirteenth birthday.
  8. Shakespeare’s birthday, and death – Who hasn’t heard of Shakespeare. His works are an essential part of world culture now. But did you know that he died on his birthday? He did. He actually died on his 52nd birthday. Imagine dying on exactly the same day and month you were born on, makes for a memorable date.
  9. 21st birthdays – You might think that 18th birthdays are the most noteworthy birthdays, marking your entry into adulthood. But for the longest time, one’s 21st birthday was the most noteworthy one. This was because, throughout most of the 19th century (and the early parts of the 20th century), it was customary to have all of one’s teeth removed, to be replaced with dentures. It might seem incredibly strange and painful, but the whole point was to cut down on dental care costs as people became older. Does that make sense? We would suggest you ask a dentist.
  10. Golden birthday – You are familiar with silver and golden (and other) jubilees. Turns out there is a birthday called the Golden birthday. Everyone has a golden birthday, but it varies from person to person. Here’s why: it is when someone’s date of birth and the age is exactly the same. So if you were born on the 30th of a month, your 30th birthday would have been your golden birthday. In case you were born before the 10th, you probably missed out on your golden birthday. But don’t worry, you’re not the only one, we did too. But for those of you whose golden birthday is still to come, grab an extra slice of cake on the day!

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10 Interesting & Fun Facts About Birthdays
Cakes aren’t the only interesting part about birthdays!

Unique fun facts about birthdays

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And in case it is your birthday soon, happy birthday!

10 Interesting & Fun Facts About Birthdays
10 Interesting & Fun Facts About Birthdays

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