10 Interesting and Fun Facts about Easter You May Not Know

How much do you really know about Easter?

Check out these ten interesting and fun facts about Easter, to learn more about this holiday.

1. Easter eggs were around way before Easter!

Easter eggs - 10 Facts about Easter

Even though the tradition of Easter has been around for a while, turns out the tradition for Easter eggs is even older!

There is evidence that shows that Christians might not have been the ones who started the tradition of giving eggs and that it might have originated from Medieval Europe.   

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2. Easter is named after the goddess Eostre

Eostre - 10 Facts about Easter

Historians and scholars believe that Easter is actually named after an Anglo Saxon goddess. According to research, the name came from the festival celebrating the goddess Eostre and the arrival of spring.

The hare and the egg, unsurprisingly, are Eostre’s sacred symbols.

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3. Easter eggs are painted to represent the blood of Jesus Christ

Easter eggs - 10 Facts about Easter

According to scholars and the findings from early Christians in Mesopotamia, the reason why Easter eggs are painted is to represent the blood of Jesus Christ.

This, however, is not a definitive theory, but one of the strongest theories on why Easter eggs are painted. Here, in fact, are five more.  

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4. The Easter bunny came from Germany!

Easter bunny - 10 Facts about Easter

One fact there is no disputing is the origin of the Easter bunny – which is Germany

The tradition is said to date back to sixteenth-century Germany, where the Easter bunny was used to give eggs and candles.

The Easter bunny was first brought to the USA in the 1700s by Dutch settlers. So, in case you thought the Easter bunny was an American invention, now you know – it was, in fact, an import.

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5. Easter competes with Halloween for its position as the holiday with the most candy sales

Candy - 10 Facts about Easter

If you think Easter is the holiday with the most candy sales, you would be partially right. 

There is another holiday though that always goes head to head with Easter in terms of candy sales in the US – Halloween. 

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6. First chocolate Easter eggs

Chocolate Easter egg - 10 Facts about Easter

The first Easter chocolate eggs were made in the early nineteenth century, in Europe. 

Most of the early chocolate Easter eggs were solid, as hollow eggs were really difficult to make.

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7. Over 500 million Cadbury creme eggs are made every year

Cadbury Chocolate Easter egg - 10 Facts about Easter

Yes, you heard that right, over 500 million eggs! If you put these creme eggs on top of each other, they’d be taller than Everest!

All these creme eggs are made at Cadbury’s Bournville factory in Birmingham, UK.

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8. 90 million chocolate bunnies sold

Chocolate Bunny - 10 Facts about Easter

Chocolate bunnies are one of the most popular Easter treats – and the numbers back that up. Every year around 90 million of these chocolate treats are sold, and that’s just in the US!

Talk about a sweet tooth.

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9. Most people eat their chocolate bunny ears first

Chocolate Bunny - 10 Facts about Easter

If you like to eat your chocolate bunny ears first, you won’t be alone. Turns out most people like to eat their chocolate bunnies ears first.

According to research, 59% prefer to eat the ears first. 33% of people don’t have any preference or order that they stick to, while only 4% start with the tail or the feet.

Where do you start?

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10. Pretzels used to be an Easter treat

Pretzel was an Easter treat? - 10 Facts about Easter

Chocolate wasn’t the only staple on the Easter menu in the early days, pretzels also were a part of Easter.

The twisty design of pretzels looked like arms crossed in prayer, an appropriate resemblance for a holy day. But over time they went out of fashion.

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Last words

What’s your take on Easter? How do you celebrate it?

Do you have any interesting facts about Easter to share?

Let us know in the comments.

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