10 Easy Microwave Cake Recipes You Can Make Right Now

Learn about 10 delicious and easy microwave cake recipes in this guide.

Keep reading to learn more. 

You can easily make cakes at home

What’s the one word that comes to mind when you think about cakes?

Yummy, delicious, tasty?

They are definitely all that, and more. Cakes really are delish! They are one of those few food items that are universally loved and for good reason.

Few sweet food items come close to the deliciousness of cakes. They are great, but making them usually is quite complicated, and time-consuming. But not anymore, as you will find out in today’s guide. To itch that cake scratch (especially in preparation for the weekend), we bring to you today a few microwave cake recipes (10 to be exact), so that you can easily make yourself some cake at home, without having to spend a huge amount of time or energy.

All you need is a microwave and some basic ingredients.

Quick, easy, and yummy. So quick, in fact, that you can be sitting down and having your very own cake in about five to ten minutes, or less!

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Microwave Cake Recipes
Check out these microwave cake recipes to learn how you can easily make your very own cake, and fast!

10 Microwave cake recipes

Check out the videos to find out how you can easily make your very own cake in the microwave.

1-minute Microwave Chocolate Cake 

The first microwave cake recipe on the list for you is a super simple and super quick chocolate cake recipe that you can make in a minute!

And does it look yummy or what!

Microwave Chocolate Lava Cake

If you like chocolate cake, you will love this microwave chocolate lava cake.

A bit of cream on top, or vanilla ice cream, will take this to the next level. 

Microwave Vanilla Cake 

In the mood for a cake that doesn’t have chocolate? Want something more classic? We’ve got you covered.

There are several microwave cake recipes on our list that aren’t based on chocolate, starting with this microwave vanilla mug cake.


Microwave Nutella Cake

For all you hazelnut spread/Nutella lovers out there, here is a microwave cake recipe you will absolutely love!


Microwave Coffee Mug Cake 

Fan of coffee? Like the taste of coffee in your cake? Then you have got to try this one. 

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Microwave Lemon Cake 

This is a take on the very classic lemon cake but done in the microwave. 


Easy Microwave Sponge Cake 

Sponge cakes are the most basic of cakes, and now you can make your own, and in half the time, in the microwave! Watch the recipe to learn more. 


Microwave Banana Cake 

Who doesn’t like banana cakes right? Well, now you can make your own following this recipe. 

Here’s a tip for you to make this extra delish – add a bit of cinnamon powder to the mix. 


Microwave Black Forest Cake 

Black forest cakes aren’t cakes only pro bakers can make. With this recipe, you can make your very own black forest cake, all in the microwave!

Check out the video recipe of this microwave version of black forest cake to learn more. 


Microwave Carrot Cake 

Last but not least is this gorgeous three-layer carrot cake.

Yes, you heard us right, a three-layer carrot cake made in the microwave!

The cakes you can make in the microwave really is all about letting your imagination loose, as this amazing looking cake demonstrates.

Microwave Cake Tips

Here are some tips and hacks that can really help with your microwave cake recipes:

  • If you don’t have cocoa powder: The chocolate recipes will work just as well with any sort of hot chocolate mix, like Milo. If you don’t have those, can also replace with some melted chocolate bar and milk.
  • A note on the vanilla usage: Some people like vanilla more than others (and vice versa), so determine the amount of vanilla to use based on your preference. The amount shown in the recipe is a guide, and not a rule.
  • Sugar replacement: If you’re not too keen on using sugar (be it for health reasons or something else), you can use an alternative like Stevia. Honey and maple syrup can also work.
  • Condiment: Some ice cream on top of the freshly baked, steaming hot microwave cake goes really well. Cream also works with these microwave cakes nicely.
  • Accompaniments: A nice cup of tea, or coffee, works very well with these (or any) cakes.

Closing thoughts

These cake recipes are super simple, and most take less than five minutes to make. Talk about a quick treat!

Since most cities are in lockdown now because of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 virus, going out is challenging. Thanks to these microwave cake recipes, that’s not really an issue when it comes to satisfying your sweet cravings. When you can make your own cake, you don’t really need to worry about going outside to satisfy your cake cravings! All you need are the basic ingredients that nearly every kitchen has (flour, egg, sugar), and a microwave, and you’re all set to whip up your very own cake.

These also make for a fun way to spend time indoors. So if you’ve been looking for things to do indoors, making your own cake following one or more of these recipes will make for a great indoor activity. Let’s face it, few activities compare to the joy of making and enjoying your very own cake.

That said, if you want more indoor activity ideas, check out these indoor game ideas for adults. They can be great to do while enjoying your cake!

On that note, here are 3 more articles that can make your time indoors more fun and enjoyable. 

Have a go at making your own cake. Just pick one microwave cake recipe to start with, and try it out. Watching these recipe tutorials might even give you ideas for your own microwave cake recipes! If that happens, don’t forget to share it with us – we are always game for more cake ideas 😉

So what did you think of these microwave cake recipes? Have you tried any of them yet? Which one’s on your list to try first?

Let us know how you get on. Share your thoughts, ideas, and tips about microwave cake recipes in the comments section below.

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Have a great weekend, and, happy Friday!


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